How to Conceal Dark Under-Eye Circles

Whether it’s because you were up late with the kids, studying until midnight, or just wasting time browsing the MakeupTalk forums, you’ve woken up with dark circles underneath your eyes! Dark circles can make any face look older, and they can be very frustrating to hide. You may wonder, why do we sometimes have dark circles under our eyes?  Well, believe it or not, it can be things like:

  • allergies
  • lifestyle factors like smoking, stress or alcohol use
  • lack of circulation
  • dehydration
  • nasal congestion


Many of us have been there before: You’re strolling by a mirror, you take a gander at your eyes and say “who is that person staring at me with those dark circles under her eyes?” Many women may not realize that you really can hide dark under-eye circles, provided you have the right technique and tools! Check out this awesome tutorial (and next time, try and get some sleep)!


Step by Step Instructions:


TIP 1:

Don’t stroke or smear the product – gently tap on using your brush or fingertip.


TIP 2:

If you use your fingertip, make sure to gently “press” instead of pulling or sweeping



TIP 3:

To make the white of your eyes pop, apply white eyeliner or white eye pencil (iridescent eye pencil) in matte to your lower lash line!


Products Used In This Tutorial:


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