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How To – Conceal Your Eyebrows

Concealing your eyebrows

Concealing your eyebrows can come in handy when dressing in costume makeup, or if you are a male trying to conceal your brows, so you can draw artificial brows on in place. There are two easy and common ways of concealing your brows that I will share with you.
The first of which, is the glue stick method and the second method being spirit gum and wax.

The glue stick method:

You will need a glue stick ( regular school glue, glue stick. In clear, blue or purple.). All glue sticks will dry clear. You will also need an eyebrow brush or old mascara wand. Apply the glue over your brows, being sure to cover them all. Using your eyebrow brush, comb the hairs down flat against your skin, all in the same direction.

Once it has dried, use a loose powder to seal the glue and cover your brows with lots of concealor. You may need to repeat the finishing powder and concealor steps until it is fully covered. This will all easily wash away with soap and water. Once your eyebrows are concealed, you may draw in your eyebrows freehand or by using a stencil.

The spirit gum and wax method:

To conceal your eyebrows using wax and spirit gum is a bit more time consuming and expensive. No matter which method you choose, your eyebrows will be fully concealed.

To use spirit gum, swipe a small amount onto your brows and using your eyebrow brush, flatten down and brush all hairs into the same direction. After 1-2 minutes the spirit gum becomes tacky – you can help move this along by gentle tapping the spirit gum on your brows. Then, using a small amount of wax, roll it and press it onto and over your eye brows. Using your finger tips blend it outward into your skin. Seal with loose power and conceal using a thick concealor. You may need to repeat these steps using loose powder and concealor two to three times before your brows are no longer visible. Once concealed, draw in your artificial eyebrows and apply the rest of your makeup.

To remove the spirit gum and wax, use a good quality makeup remover and baby oil to remove all residue.

Concealing your eye brows is great for theatrical and costume makeup as well as for men who crossdress or like to perform or dress in drag.

(Image from Kim Kardashian’s blog.)