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How To – Contour and Highlight Your Face

Contouring & Highlighting Your Face; Tips & Technique
I recently came across a post in which a few different ladies were asking about the proper technique to contouring and highlighting. I realized that I have heard this question quite a few times now, and that it is something many girls would like to learn about.
After reading this, you will no longer wonder how to contour and highlight your face properly. You will now be able to give yourself that finished look, when applying your makeup.

This is such a simple and old application method, yet it often gets over looked or forgotten about by most women when they apply their makeup.

What you’ll need

  • A small powder brush, contouring brush or blush brush
  • Bronzer or brown shadow
  • Liquid highlighter or light illuminating powder
  • A mirror

Contouring is the application of makeup on your face in an attempt to define your silhouette and cause you to appear to have a slimmer face, a straighter nose, slender cheeks, more prominent cheekbones and even helps reduce the appearance of a double chin!
This is a great application method for women of all facial shapes (square, round, oval, heart)
By applying it correctly you can accentuate your facial shape creating super flattering effects.
A mini-face lift from a brush!

makeup-cosmetics-contouring-contour*I have marked the areas of your face you want to focus on contouring and highlighting, on the face chart pictured above. The contouring marks are drawn in with arrows in brown, the highlight areas are marked in blue lines.*

You always want to use a brown colored or tan bronzer, shadow, or product to contour with.
You may use a bronzer, a powder, a liquid or a cream product.
Be sure to always use a brown tone, as it looks most natural and gives the illusion of a healthy tan and glow.
Matte or Shimmery finished, it is a personal preference.
Many girls use a powder bronzer or eyeshadow as it gives the smoothest look and blends easily. You also have control over the intensity as you build it up.
*Do not over use your cosmetics product when contouring. This will give an unflattering shadowy, fake and dark finish.
To contour and enhance your cheekbones, suck in your cheeks just slightly, and apply a darker shade to the hollows. Begin with a gently hand as you do not want to over due it. Apply your blush as you normally would.
To contour and to slim your nose you will want to apply the contouring shade on each side of your nose, in a very thin line, blending carefully.
If you are self conscious about your forehead or even if you are’t, you can apply your contouring makeup to both of your temples and blend well. This will give you forehead a slimmer look.
To contour and reduce the look of a double chin, you will want to lightly blend your contouring agent down your chin and below your neck line. Blend this in well, apply more as needed.
Highlighting your face gives the opposite effect of contouring, although it also helps to further define your face, it highlights certain ares causing them to be more prominent and pronounced.
Places on your face that light will hit and reflect off of.
*You want to create a sheer, light finish.
Choose a highlighter lighter in color then your foundation and powder.

To highlight you will apply your highlighter ( being a powder, liquid or cream) straight down the center bridge of your nose in a very small line, blend well.
Apply to the very tip of your chin, blending downwards and outwards along your jawline/jawbone
As well as to the apples of your cheeks when you smile.

You may also want to highlight your upper and lower brow area. Lightly brush your highlighter over and under your brow bone, being sure to blend very well.

Powder highlighters and illuminators are popular picks. Liquid highlighting makeup also works well, it gives a great finish and will really catch the light because of the light reflecting particles in it, giving the softest and most sought after look.

By following these simple steps the next time you apply your makeup, you will be able to give yourself a very polished and naturally finished look.

If you want to find out what products are being recommended, discussed and reviewed, right now all over the beauty community, for both contouring and highlighting, check out by either typing it into your browser search bar or clicking on the community tab at the top of this blog page.