How to Create A Cat Eye

There’s something sexy about a good cat eye – too bad it feels almost impossible to get the perfect, matching lines! The cat eye is a look that’s been seen on red carpets lately, from Katy Perry to Taylor Swift. You, too, can get a perfect cat eye look if you follow this useful tutorial. Let us know in the comments how it works out for you!



Step by Step Instructions:

  • Start with a clean and moisturized eye. 
  • Apply your favorite eye primer to make sure your eye makeup doesn’t stray throughout the day!
  • Apply MAC Paint Pot (Painterly) from lash line to brow bone to create a smooth base.
  • Next, use a brush to apply MAC Eye Shadow in Orb, starting in the inner corner of the eye and fanning out on the crease.
  • Fill in the brows with NARS Brow Shadow in Bali (or a matching color).


Apply lightly, starting in with the inner corner and working out. The emphasis isn’t on the eyebrow!

  • Use MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel in Blacktrack to create a basic line on your upper lash line.
  • Create a small little upwards “flick” extending past your lash line!
  • Starting from the tip of your flick, continuing going over your original lines, making them bigger.
  • Apply a few coats of mascara – like MAC Zoom Lash – to accent your cat eye.


Use false lashes to get an even more glamorous look! See the tutorial in the resources section.




Add red lipstick to get that Hollywood glamour look!


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