How to Do a Side-Swept, Messy Updo

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Taylor Swift is usually pretty glamorous! One of favorite styles is a messy, side-swept updo that’s absolutely breathtaking. The escaped curls give it a carefree look that’s perfect for date night, a work party, or even just a normal day where you feel like dressing up. Use this video tutorial and the extra step-by-step instructions to try out this hair-do on your own – let us know how it worked in the comments!



Step by Step Instructions:


  • Add some texture to your hair by spraying dry shampoo at the roots and massaging through your strands. (This adds volume and helps get rid of any oil!)


  • Separate your hair, starting with the earlobe to the crown clip this section of your hair out of the way. Repeat on both sides.
  • Taking the back section of your hair, create a loose side-side ponytail. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Start with a small (1/2 inch) section of the ponytail and stick a bobby pin at about mid-length. 
  • Pin in this section of hair near your original pin – about half the hair should be hanging loose, while the other half is curling up.


Feel free to shape your design as you continue pinning – you want it to be loose, but make sure everything won’t go flying when you shake your head!

  • Continue the previous two steps for small sections of the hair. You can also start adding in front sections, as well as pinning the loose, hanging hair of sections you’ve already pinned. 


When pulling in hair from the farther away front section, make sure it lays nice and flat on the back of the head!

  • Use excess hair to help cover any weird bumps or bobby pins.
  • After you’ve pinned all the hair up, use a comb to smooth out the roots
  • Spray the hair with hairspray to make sure everything stays in place


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