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How to Enhance Your Body’s Silhouette

When I’m in a crowded place, I really enjoy people watching.  Everyone’s body’s are so unique and different.  Some of us have tiny, thin physiques and others of us have larger physiques.  What I like always say is let’s really try not to modify how we look, but rather accept who we are and what type of body we have.
Back in the 16th century, if you were heavy or fat, you were considered very wealthy. Nowadays, if you look like you haven’t eaten in 2 months, that’s the look all women are after.  Let’s work on how to enhance your body curves without exposing all parts of your body. Bring attention to what you like about your body and face with clothing and accessories.  Let’s all face it, we all don’t look like Megan Fox or Halle Berry, do we?  With this article, let’s really focus on how to really bring to light our best parts and get ready to make a great list of how to show off our nice curves.
Objective: To emphasize the waist, lengthen your figure, look taller, show off your curves without stressing too much.
The below list will play a major role to enhance your body’s silhouette. You should wear:

  • clips on the waist and narrow at the knees.
  • clothing that reveals skin at the shoulders, collarbone or cleavage.
  • skirts and dresses with slits to show legs.
  • jackets or coats with the top button just below the bust.
  • straight legged jeans.
  • straight legged pants.
  • clothes that are monochrome (1 color) and are loose.
  • clothes that have “vertical” details.
  • clothes that have single line sets.
  • clothes that are wrap-style dresses and blouses.

What to avoid to put a damper on your body’s silhouette.  Try to avoid:

  • any piece of clothing too large
  • any piece highly carved
  • fabrics which is too thin
  • jackets “loose” in the waist (no notch)
  • jackets and top pieces that end in the widest part of your hips

OBJECTIVE: Extend your legs and create a strong vertical line from head to toe giving the appearance of being taller.

Very short women should wear:

  • clothing that has solid colors.
  • clothing that has simple vertical lines.
  • clothing that has small prints.
  • clothing that has monochromatic sets(1 color).
  • fabrics that flow, with movement.
  • clothing and pieces that stand out above the waist.
  • clothing that would add vertical lines: princess cut, center seam on the front or back closures.
  • accessories in small quantities that are in proportion.
  • shoes that are medium-heeled.

Short  or petite women should avoid:

  • shirts which accentuate the waist.
  • blouses which accentuate the waist.
  • clothing with horizontal lines at all.
  • pleated pants with horizontal lines.
  • skirts with calf-length.
  • clothing that is baggy or appears baggy or loose.
  • capri style pants with long irregular legs.
  • any accessory that makes you look childish: ruffles, bows, etc.

OBJECTIVE: To show your busty curves and your  busty parts will be enhanced. To increase the visibility of your busty area:

  • wear shirts or blouses that are higher in dark colors, tones lower parts.
  • simple shirts and blouses.
  • wear shirts or blouses that are “open-necked” blouses.
  • wear shirts or blouses that have a long neck area (creates long vertical line)
  • do just about anything to add vertical line above the waist.

If you want to show off your busty curve more, try to avoid:

  • any coats or jackets as they cover you up.
  • wide belts around your waist.
  • shirts or blouses with large collars.
  • shirts with with large lapels.
  • any type of clothing that adds volume around the neck.
  • jackets made of stiff fabrics(although we mentioned jackets already).
  • shirts or blouses that are not tight fitting.
  • shirts or blouses with fabric types that add volume.
  • shirts or blouses with large-printed patterns.

Decrease the appearance of your belly or midsection size
OBJECTIVE: To refocus the attention of the center of your body AWAY from your belly and onto to the legs, face, rear and create a vertical line instead of a horizontal one.  You should wear:

  • longer shirts and blouses.
  • longer jackets and coats that do not have to be on the inside of skirts or pants.
  • untucked shirts and blouses.
  • clothing made of fabrics do not adhere to the body.
  • pants and skirts with zippers on the sides, and cut flat.
  • clothing that are of monochromatic sets.
  • empire-style shirts and blouses.
  • tight pants, if you have slim legs and hips
  • jackets or coats in general

If you want to decrease the appearance of your mid-section, try to avoid:

  • strap shirts and blouses
  • belt buckles in bright colors or designs
  • belts tied at the waist
  • short shirts and blouses
  • pants with any detail at the waist or pockets
  • skirts with any detail at the waist or pockets
  • jeans with any detail at the waist or pockets

Celebrities with an extra perfect Silhouette and hourglass body shape:Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, and Kate Winslet.  We all have admired the curvy movie stars like Marilyn Munroe and Rita Hayworth!