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How to Find Your Skin Tone

The Path to Beauty Starts with Your Skin Tone!


Your skin tone plays an important role in how gorgeous you look. There are two types of tones: warm and cool. Knowing what yours is makes a huge difference in helping you make better fashion and beauty choices.


Don’t confuse your skin type with your skin tone. Your skin type can change, such as if you use skin lightening products. Your skin tone, on the other hand, is something you’ll be stuck with forever. It’s therefore much more important.


So, how do you find your skin tone? You can do so with the following tests:


  • Look at veins on your wrist. If they’re blue, you’ve got a cool undertone. If they’re green, you’re warm-toned.
  • Hold a white sheet of paper to your face in front of the mirror. If your skin looks a bit yellow, this is a sign of a warm undertone. If it has a blue hue, you have a cool undertone.
  • Look at your jewellery. Do you look better in silver or gold? Silver or platinum points to a cool undertone, while gold looks gorgeous when paired with warm tones.
  • How does your skin behave in the sun? If it tans easily, you’re warm-toned and probably have an olive or darker skin tone. If you burn easily, this is usually a sign of a cool undertone because you’re most likely fair-skinned.


Why Your Skin Tone Matters


Knowing your skin tone is important when choosing makeup or fashion colors. If you’ve ever thought you looked washed out in a certain color, this was because it was clashing with your skin tone! A good general rule to follow is to choose cool colors (such as shades of blue, pink, green and purple) if you have a cool undertone and warm colors if you have a warm undertone. Rich, earthy colors are warm: shades of gold, orange, brown, yellow and vibrant green.


Of course, there are always exceptions, especially if you feature somewhere between cool and warm, such as if you have both green and blue veins on your wrists and look good in silver and gold. In this case, you will suit elements from both tones. Play around to find which colors make you vibrant and give a miss to those that drain you!


Paying attention to your skin tone when you head out to buy a new lipstick or dress is an easy way to look your best and glow from within.


Skintone chart