How To: Galaxy Nails

Nail art is one of the hottest fashion trends on the runways and in magazines today.  There are literally thousands of videos on Youtube depicting every level of nail art imaginable.  From the very simple to the very very complicated.  I personally have tried my hand (pun intended) at many different styles and methods of nail art.  I, like so many others, can get a nearly perfect design on my left hand but something that looks like a kindergartner went crazy with nail polish on my right.  Here is a design that practically anyone can do from a novice to a pro with beautiful results.  With a little time and a little patience you too can sport galaxies on your nails,  a beautiful universe of nebula’s and stars right at your fingertips!! 


Lets Get Started!!  First, apply one or two coats of your favorite black nail polish to get a solid opaque layer of color.


2012-06-16 11.52.53.jpg


Next, tear or cut small pieces off of an inexpensive makeup sponge.  It helps to work with smaller pieces to keep the design size appropriate for your nails.  The first color you will work with is the white.  You want to put a small amount of polish on one piece of the makeup sponge and very lightly dab it onto your nail to start the galaxy or nebula shape.


2012-06-16 12.10.29.jpg

2012-06-16 12.12.37.jpg


Now, this really isn’t rocket science!!  (hahaha, I love my puns!)  Each nail does not have to be the same or look exactly alike.  Actually, it is more interesting if they are not the same.  The next color you will work with is a pink or purple color or even a silvery color.  In this case I used Wet N Wild’s Grey’s Anatomy.  With another piece of sponge you will lightly dab the color towards the outside edge of the white.


2012-06-16 12.15.51.jpg


Now it’s time for the medium to dark blue polish.  Using the same method you will sponge in onto the outside edges of your pinky/purpley color.


2012-06-16 12.15.33.jpg


We are now ready to add the stars!!  For this you will need a glitter polish that has some chunky bits of silver glitter.  I used Revlon Stunning for this step.  Remove as much excess from your polish brush as possible being sure to leave a couple pieces of the chunky glitter on the brush and place the glitter down the center of your nebula (the white part).


2012-06-16 12.16.56.jpg


We are almost done!  The last step before top coat is to take a glitter polish that has a very finely milled glitter in it.  It can be holographic, silver or gold.  In this case I used Pure Ice Don’t You Wish and applied it to the rest of my nail around the nebula. And then followed with my favorite clear top coat.  Remember to have fun with this, it is not an exact science.  Your results will be stellar and fun!!


2012-06-16 12.17.57.jpg

2012-06-16 12.32.19.jpg

2012-06-17 19.36.10.jpg

2012-06-18 08.50.25.jpg



Products I used:

Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Nail Polish in Black Out

Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Nail Polish in White On

Wet N Wild Fast Drying Nail Polish – Grey’s Anatomy

Color Club Nail Polish in Emerald Depths

Revlon Nail Polish in Stunning

Pure Ice Nail Polish in Don’t You Wish

Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat

Makeup sponge


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