How To Get A High Definition Face

Wedding season is now upon us, and if you’re not a bride, you may very well know one. Weddings are definitely something to remember, and you know what that means – a lot of photos! Whether you’re in the wedding or just attending the wedding, you’re bound to get caught in more than a few photos. You want to make sure you look prepared for the occasion and you create a face that’s up to par for HD photography. 



Try to stick with foundations that are satin finish or matte. Satin finish is great for everyone, but those of us 700who get a little more oily might want to aim for a matte foundation. HD photography shows foundation breaking down on the skin if you get oily, so use the finish that corrects your skin type. Also, try to apply with a damp sponge or a stippling brush to insure that you use the least amount of product and don’t leave any streaks or texture from flat brushes or fingers. 


Powder is absolutely necessary, even for drier skin, because the right powders add a soft, touchable skin texture that translates well in photos. If you have oily or combination skin, you know that the powder helps set your makeup and prevent oil breakthrough. You don’t need to get a special HD powder – The Ben Nye Luxury powders work just as well. They’re a very finely milled affordable powder designed for theater that will hold up better than high end brand HD powders. You also have a selection of powders. To make fair pink skin look Victorian era flawless, try cameo. For the Kim K look, try banana. If you just wanna do you, there’s also translucent.


To keep from looking washed out, cheek color is very important. Most powder blushes look just like that on the face – like powder blushes. Try using a cream or liquid blush to create the illusion that what people are looking at is the natural color of your cheeks. If you don’t own one, lipstick is a fabulous dupe if you’re pulling your look together in a pinch. Just don’t use very frosty or metallic lipstick. Stick with natural colors with no glitter or shimmer.


Another thing to keep in mind is that lip gloss doesn’t translate as beautifully throught he medium of hd photography. While a glossy lip may give you a delicate vixen appearance in real life, in hd photography, it can sometimes look a bit like – well, frankly, slobber. This is because it catches and holds the light in a still frame, and the wet texture is mostly what you see. To avoid a watery lip look, try satin finish lipsticks. Alternately, you can highlight the center of the lip with a powder eyeshadow to give a wet look without a wet texture. I’ve used all of these tips on the model above.


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