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How to Get Back Your Natural Hair Color

What happens when you’ve been dyeing your hair for months, maybe even years or decades, and you decide that you finally want your ┬ánatural hair color back? Impossible? No, but here are a few tips to get you going back to the original beautiful you, without a harsh chemical stripper.
Step 1: Trim off the ends of your hair to get rid of the over processed hair and any split ends. This is when you want to consider a really short cut so that more of the dyed hair is already gone.

Step 2: Using a double-color highlighter, or a highlight and a lowlight (or two separate dyes), highlight your hair to match the old and new colors. If you’re going from blonde back to brunette, try blonde & brown highlights in similar colors to your previous tones. The matching colors will help blend your colors together and make it look like a choice to have this hairstyle, instead of being in between styles and colors.

Step 3: Let your hair grow out at least an inch, then dye your hair to match your root color. This will give you a good start back to getting your natural hair color.

Step 4: During the transitions, use a semi permanent dye, as they fade out gradually during washing and this will lessen the time that you have to grow out the artificial coloring.
Extra Tips:
1. When going from a blonde back to a red, or from a red back to blonde, it’s going to be more intense of a struggle to get your color right. Red pigments hold onto the hair tightly and don’t want to let go, but artificial red color will take longer to sink into your hair, so be patient and let the coloring take the time needed to work back into your hair while you’re growing it out.
2. When you’re color matching your hair, make sure that you check out the results preview on the side of the box. When you’re making a more extreme change your results will vary, and this can give you an at least relatively good guess at how your current hair color will react when interacting with your new (original match) hair color.
3. Don’t match indoors. Always use natural light, sunlight is preferred, to match your hair color or to decide if you like your current hair color. Colors will look completely different in the lighting in your bathroom than in the natural light of day, and you should always go by the natural light, regardless of how much time you spend indoors.

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