How To Handle Days Where Makeup Just Won’t Work For You


700This happens to absolutely everyone. You, me, and every professional makeup artist who has ever lived all have those days where we try to put on our makeup and it ends in us crying, smashing our heads against the desk, and promptly raising our hands in the air and begging the universe for a reason why it has smote us. Nothing goes on right, we feel like we have two left hands and there’s no reason to ever leave the house anymore. It’s extremely frustrating, and it always creeps up out of the blue just to antagonize us. I wish I knew why it happened, because then I’d be one step closer to patenting a cure, but for now, let’s just establish how to work through the days where our makeup seems to have a vendetta against us.


If you keep putting it on and taking it off because it doesn’t look right, you’re likely to have irritated your eyes and dried out your skin a bit from overworking it. Do one final round of makeup remover, wash your face, and use a good general moisturizer, and wait half an hour for any irritation to subside and the moisturizer to really sink in. If it’s the morning time, I usually drink my coffee and watch a cool lecture on YouTube while I wait. Just take your mind off of it and chill out.


Once you’ve done that, narrow it down to the basics and try to avoid anything complicated. You know you’re 700probably going to want foundation, a brow pencil, a blush, a lipgloss, an eyeliner, a mascara, and probably four neutral eyeshadows. Take everything down to just basics that you’re confident in. On days like this, it’s probably best 

that you slowly, patiently work on a very simple and neutral eyeshadow first, because if you get frustrated and want to take it off, you’re going to remove the foundation you’ve laid down and have to fix that, too. It turns out to be a waste. Just stick to a browbone color, a lid color, a crease color, and a definer color. The standard shadow placement, very basic and rudimentary. Get your eyeliner and mascara on, but always wait until after your foundation to apply your brow pencil, to avoid smudging it or turning your eyebrows that weird, greenish gray shade they get when they get foundation in them.


After you’ve applied your foundation and your blush and your lip color, take a few minutes to evaluate what you’ve done. Then, decide whether or not you want to go back in and add more definition and color development to your eyes. If your eyeshadow looks good enough to be considered presentable to you, don’t risk it. If you decide to darken it, start with a very small amount of the darker eyeshadow and blend it very, very frequently to avoid overapplying it and having to start at square one. 


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By Airi Magdalene
Real Life Makeup Artist and MakeupTalk Blogger