How to Hide a Tired Face

Whether you’re a studious college co-ed or a stressed out Mommy (or maybe somewhere in between), there will be days where your face looks less than chipper; we’re talking so haggard even your favorite foundation can’t hide the circles under your eyes.


Never fear – you don’t have to hide inside for the rest of the day just because you stayed up all night. Follow these easy steps to distract the eye from a tired face after applying your normal make-up.


400Step One: Squeeze in a morning workout.

It probably seems counterproductive – “You want me to wake up early to work out?†– but try and wake up thirty minutes before the alarm goes off to get a little exercise. The effort will increase blood flow and circulation to your face, brightening it up and adding a little sparkle to your eye.


Don’t forget to chug water to keep hydrated, and wash the sweat off well when you’re done. Want to talk to fellow fitness fanatics for ideas or supports? Check out our health and fitness forums!




400Step Two: Highlight your best facial features.

Find your highlighter and contour your favorite features. Use it above the brow bone to pull attention upwards, away from any dark under-eye circles. Or, you can dot some product on your chin to draw the attention downward if your eyes are too puffy.


Don’t already own a good highlighter? Find out which brands MUT members recommend!






400Step Three: Distract from your face with big accessories.

If contouring and highlighting doesn’t work for you, then distract the focus from your face altogether with big and beautiful accessories. If you have pierced ears, pick out your favorite dangly earrings. They’ll  draw attention away from any signs of tiredness.


Don’t have pierced ears? Consider a clunky necklace (like the trendy embellished collared necklace)  or lots of sparkly bracelets on your wrists. Whatever accessory you choose, just make sure it’s something bold and eye-catching. You’ll want it to really stand out!



400Step Four: Rock bright colors!

The day after a long night isn’t the time for neutrals. Wear clothing in bright colors or eye-catching and complicated prints so people are complimenting your outfit, not staring at your under-eye bags! Neons, for example, will definitely prove distracting, so get creative.


Can’t go crazy because of work or other restrictions? Add a bright-colored accessory, like a neck scarf or fun shoes.






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In a perfect world, we’ll all get at least eight hours of sleep, but life just doesn’t always cooperate. Be prepared when you’re not looking your best, and people will never know! Plus, make sure you’re following us on facebook and twitter for more eye-catching ideas!