How to keep your hair in good condition

When it comes to keeping your hair in good condition it can be really difficult if you have a passion for fashion, with hair strengtheners and dryers before you know it all the goodness you’ve popped back into your hair with conditioner gets taken straight out again after you’ve come out of the shower.

There are a few simple things to consider, you don’t need to do these every day but allowing some time either once or twice a week will help.

  1. Allow your hair to dry naturally rather than with a dryer. I appreciate it never looks quite as nice when it dries naturally but choose a day when you’re just in the house, going to the gym or maybe tie your hair up that day. If it’s a must; allow your hair to dry naturally and then straighten the odd bits like your fringe to make it look a little neater.
  2. When possible brush your hair with your fingers rather than a hairbrush. If you’ve popped conditioner in your hair or you’ve just come out of the shower this shouldn’t be too difficult. Hairbrushes can create lots of slit ends so by doing it with your fingers it reduces the risk.
  3. Spend a little more on shampoo and conditioner when you can. I’m not talking about purchasing the stuff from the hair salons but the difference between spending £1 or £2 and spending £5 on hair products is huge!
  4. When you’re at home try not washing your hair. You won’t be happy with the appearance of your hair but if no one is looking it doesn’t matter does it? If you keep washing your hair you’ll strip it of it’s condition and it’ll become horrible and dry.
  5. When possible leave a hair mask on or conditioner on for a long period of time when you’re in the shower or taking a bath. Allow it to really soak in and do it’s magic!
  6. Even if you’re growing your hair have it cut often. It’s more likely to grow if it isn’t trying to feed slit ends and it’ll be in better condition when it’s finally at the length you want it too.

Don’t forget that if you live in a city, you do sports or it’s the winter your hair is likely to suffer too. It’s not just the use of strengtheners and dryers, which ruin it. The pollution of the city can dry it out along with cold weather and doing lots of sports and therefore using the shower a lot can also result in dry conditions for your hair.


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