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How To: Make Your Eyes Appear Brighter

Spring is here (believe it or not) and along with fashion changes, we often switch up our beauty routine. For one, we want to appear as wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as we feel! Some of us need a little help in that area. If you’re one of those people, I’m here to help! I have a few tips and/or tricks that can make you look awake and refreshed!

One tried and true way to brighten up the eye area is probably already part of your routine – concealer. The trick is to use a shade one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. This will create a brightened effect beneath the eyes. Don’t go too crazy or load up with under-eye powder, though – you don’t want to appear raccoon-ish.

Another way to make the eyes appear brighter, will also make them appear slightly larger or more open – applying a highlight shade on your tear duct area. I wouldn’t advise using anything too shimmery and definitely not glittery. You want that area to look as natural as possible. A shadow with a sheen will do nicely, but any white or light skin tone shade will work.

Speaking of highlight, applying a highlight shade to your browbone will help lift the eye area. Most people prefer to use the same brow shade as their tear duct shade.  You want to place the shadow beginning where your arch is, and lightly follow towards your brow’s tail. Remember, don’t use anything overly shimmery or glittery – you don’t want to take away from the rest of the eye. You just want that area to look lighter. This will accentuate your brows and give the illusion of a larger eye area, making the eye appear more open.

Since we seem to be on the topic of shadows, I should tell you which shades work best on the lid and crease area. Keeping the eye area light will help to make it appear brighter and more open. Light tans, grays and taupes work nicely. Basically, you want to work with light-colored eyeshadows and stay away from the dark. Dark eyeshadows and eyeliner will make your eyes appear smaller.

Ah yes, eyeliners. Eyeliner can play an important role in how awake you look. Using a white eyeliner is a long-proven trick to making your eye look both bigger and brighter. Simply place the white eyeliner on your waterline and call it a day!

My last trick is in regards to mascara. Choose a lengthening mascara, rather than a volumizing, and place it on your upper lashes only. Letting your lower lashes go au naturale will make your eye look more open. I’ve heard people claim blue mascara will make the whites of your eyes appear whiter. Whether or not this is true, I cannot say. I haven’t tried blue mascara as of yet.

Now that you know what to do, here are a few products you could try:

  • E.L.F. Studio “Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter”
  • Bare Minerals “Well Rested”
  • Benefit “Eye Bright”
  • MAC “Fascinating” Eye Kohl
  • Wet n’ Wild “Sugar” Eyeshadow

Of course, the above recommendations aren’t the only products on the market. Most companies have a few brightening and highlighting products available, but whether or not they truly work is a matter of personal opinion. I can tell you, for my fair skin, Wet n’ Wild’s “Sugar” Eyeshadow is my most favorite brow and tear duct highlight. It isn’t too frosty and applies just the right amount of sheen.

I’m sure your eyes are wide with excitement now! Please feel free to share in the comments any tips and/or tricks you have for making eyes appear brighter!
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