How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

How many women would kill for Angelina Jolie’s lips? Luckily, there are tricks of the trade to get fuller lips that don’t involve murder! Whether your just want to enhance your already luscious kisser or feel self-conscious about your thin mouth, follow this how-to guide and get ready to pucker up!



Step by Step Instructions:

       TIP: No lip exfoliator lying around? Use a toothbrush instead!

  • Lightly apply plumper. Extend a little past the lips onto the skin.
  • Next, apply Lip Fix by Shu Uemura to the lip line to avoid any lipstick smears!
  • Line your lips with your favorite lip liner – flesh or pink tones work best! (MuT members love MAC Subculture!)
  • Color in your entire lip with the liner.
  • Use a sheer colored lipstick and apply within the line you created. 




To get really fully lips, apply a gold or silver lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip and the cupid’s bow of your upper lip!

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