How to Naturally Curl Textured Hair

For women with textured hair, it often requires chemical treatments to get beautiful, springy curls. Not only can such treatments be damaging over time, but they can get pretty expensive, too! Luckily, it is possible to get curly hair naturally, even if you have textured hair. Follow this useful tutorial to get to-die-for curls of your own! (And let us know how it works in the comments!)



Step by Step Instructions:


If your hair starts to dry, use a spray bottle full of water to keep it wet!

  • Squeeze a quarter-sized blob of hair gel into your hand and work it through your strands.
  • Starting with a small section above your ear, do small, tight twists, pulling from root to tip to create a spiral curl. Repeat for the rest of your hair.


The smaller the section, the tighter the twist!

  • Dry hair with a diffuser attachment.
  • Scrunch hair with your finger tips to get some more volume. Admire your gorgeous hair!



If you’re no longer relaxing your hair, only shampoo every third or fourth shower to lock in more moisture!


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