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Loving Some Raisins!

Ah, raisins. That tiny little fruit that kids just love. They are also those awesome candies when they are covered in chocolate. Even at my age now, I will justify it in my mind that if I eat a box of Raisinettes, I’ve had my daily dose of vitamin C. Work with me on this, okay? Besides just being a fabulous energy source, enhancing bone health, helping the body fight infection, and a great source of iron, you know what else raisins are? An awesome color in your glamour collection!!!!


Raisin is one of the hottest makeup colors around. Looking great on all skin tones and looking great with all hair colors, raisin is the go-to color when you are wearing just about ANYTHING! From casual blue jeans to formal little black dresses, raisin is a color that requires no thinking. No matter what fashions you are sporting, event you are attending, or errands you are running, raisin hues are guaranteed to go with everything!


So, what are Sassy’s favorite raisin colored items? Take a peek:


Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick in “Endless Raisin” ““ The newest item in Maybellin’s array of lip products, this long-wearing lipstick is creamer than most extended wear lip colors and does’t dry out quite as much. The color is a true raisin, and does’t go on heavy for a nice, bright color.
(Walgreens, $8.99)



L’Oreal Paris Infallible 8 Hour Le Gloss in “Raisin” ““ I have been a fan of this brand of lip gloss for a long time. It goes on silky smooth, lasts a long time, and does’t have a smell or taste that gacks me out. In addition to lasting longer than any other gloss I have, it also keeps my lips soft and conditioned which is just an extra plus! (CVS, $9.99)




the Balm Batter Up: Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in “Grand Slam Pam” (raisin shimmer) ““ Cream eye shadows are back and better than ever and I am loving them. Their formulas have evolved over the years and now do’t settle in the crease looking like a hot mess in less than an hour. the Balm’s raisin shimmer shadow is perfect for those who want to work out at the gym or just dance the night away without a worry that your eye shadow will look like a greasy lid of goo! (Sephora, $18.00)



MAC powder blush in “Razin” ““ As cult favorite brand among many makeup enthusiasts, MAC Cosmetics has’t missed the raisin boat at all. This darker, brownish-plum cheek color can go on heavy for darker skin tones or as just a dusting for a light healthy glow for fair skinned ladies. The easy to apply powder formula is a dream to work with and lasts all day.
(Macy’s, $20.00)



Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish in “Raisin the Bar” ““ Nothing takes the thought out of a manicure than a color that goes with anything. It’s easy to change eye shadows and lip colors, but changing a nail color can take a lot of time. Sally Hansen made it easy by creating this long-wearing polish in a color that is a no-brainer.  (RiteAid, $7.59)



It’s hard enough trying to find fashion colors that go with my red hair without having to worry about makeup as well. That’s why I love the shade raisin. Not only does it look good on me, but everyone from blondes to brunettes can wear the color with style as well. Plus its warm/cool hue enables you to put the color with any fashion color you have. Instead of just making yourself beautiful on the inside by eating your raisins, look good on the outside with your raisin-shade makeup items too!