Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips for Senior Women

As you age and you’re dealing with fine lines, crow’s feet, sun spots, and other signs that signal a spike in the number of years you’ve been on this great earth, it can be difficult to wear makeup the way you used to.  However, just because you’re older does’t mean that you ca’t look as young as you feel on the inside.  If you’re a senior woman, forget dishing out the big bucks on visits to a plastic surgeon””instead, embrace the aging process and showcase your natural beauty by using the following makeup tips:
Tip #1:  Take care of your skin.  For older ladies to wear makeup beautifully, it’s key to have a beautiful canvas on which to work.  Make sure that you are following a strict skin care regime that not only includes washing and moisturizing your face, but also includes exfoliating, using hydrating masks and adding antioxidants and Vitamin A to your diet.

Tip #2:  Less is more.  Wearing a pound of makeup is never attractive.  So play up your natural beauty by steering clear of the heavy foundations and caked on powder””rather than covering up wrinkles and other imperfections, many times overdoing it on these products can make such flaws more obvious.  Be sure to utilize products like tinted moisturizers, highlighter pens and light touches of eye makeup and lip wear.

Tip #3:  Try a dewy look.  An especially great tip for a youthful appearance is to apply makeup that offers dewy qualities.  Powders can often times add years to your face””throw these out and choose a liquid foundation.  After you apply your foundation with a foundation brush, add a tiny bit of moisturizer to the tips of your fingers and carefully blot it over your face.  You can even complete this look with crème blushes or bronzers.

Tip #4:  Get rosy cheeks.  To avoid looking like a clown straight out of the circus, forgo the dark blushes and instead spring for rosy, pink shades.  Do’t apply blush directly to the apples of your cheeks””start about an inch away from your nose and use a big brush to sweep your blush lightly over the highest parts of your cheekbones.

Tip #5:  It’s all in the eyes.  To detract from wrinkles and lines, a great trick is to play up your eyes!  Make them the center point of your face by choosing a shadow to compliment your eye color.  Before applying your shadow, use a primer on your lids to help the shadow stay put.  If you’ve got baby blues, try shades of blue, gray and brown.  For brown, green or hazel colored eyes, hues of brown and gold will really make them pop.  Stay away from shimmers, for they will only enhance the appearance of wrinkles.

Tip #6:  No more droopy eyelids.  As you age, the skin around your eyes can droop, leaving you looking not only older, but tired as well.  To freshen your look and perk up your eyes, enhance the upper portion of them.  Apply mascara and liner (liquid eye liner works great and will stay in place) only to the top lashes (mascara and liner on the bottom can make droopy eyes appear beady and small).  Draw your liner on thinly and even try flaring it out at the corners of your eyes for a lifted look.  For some real fun, do’t be afraid to give false eyelashes a whirl!

Tip #7:  Nix the dark lips.  Deep reds and plums are gorgeous colors sure to make any woman feel glamorous.  However, as you get older, your lips get thinner and tend to wrinkle”¦which does’t make the best surface for dark lipstick.  Makeup artists suggest for older ladies to stick to light pinks, pretty nudes, and colors up to two shades darker than their natural lip color for a younger look.  Give your lips some volume by using a gloss with a plumping agent in it.  Even a dab of Vaseline in the middle of your bottom lip will do the job!

Guest post author, Ellie Stevens, shares with us her makeup tips for senior women.  In addition, Ellie also writes for Senior Dating Sites where she offers her advice on safe online dating in the senior community.