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Mascara Brushes ““ To Each Their Own!

Boy, do we love our mascara. And we have loved it for a long time. In fact, mascara dates back to the days of ancient Egypt””approximately 3400 B.C.! Of course, the formulas were less than appealing. Usually it was a combination of kohl, crocodile dung, water and honey. Ummm. Yeah. Thank goodness for Eugene Rimmel, the founder of Maybelline Cosmetics, who created the first packaged cosmetic mascara. His formula was a bit more palpable with ingredients such as petroleum jelly and black coal dust. Thank you, Mr. Rimmel.

The applicators for the mascara were actually quite intricate back in the day. They were carved out of things such as bone and ivory to do the same things applicators do now: coat and separate. Now, the Egyptians seemed to get it, but we unfortunately did’t. Until 1962, mascara was applied from a cake. Then an employee from Lancôme brought a mascara brush over from France and gave it to a Mr. Patrice whose family were the brush masters in the US. They made all kinds from hair brushes, tooth brushes, horse brushes, etc. If you wanted a brush made, you’d see the Patrices. And that is who was put in charge to create the first mascara brush to go into a retail-packaged mascara. His work was a success. Now, there are over 2500 patents of various mascara brushes, 1500 owned by L’Oreal alone.

Thank goodness for Eugene Rimmel, the founder of Maybelline Cosmetics, who created the first packaged cosmetic mascara.

So now that you’ve had your mascara history lesson for the day, let’s talk about some of the brushes that are out there in the different mascaras. Sometimes it is’t always the formula of mascara that is the seller for the product””sometimes it is the brush. (Most of the time it’s the marketing!) I know the brush is very important for me. So what different mascara brushes are out there that we love?

Let’s see:

The Old-School Regular Brush ““ This is the brush that started it all. Not too fancy. Just the right length with just the right amount of bristles. You usually wo’t find this kind of brush in a mascara formula that does a lot of “plumping” since the mascara will tend to clump up on the brush then go on unevenly on the lashes, looking sloppy. With this brush, formula is very important. Sassy likes: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Naturale Mascara in Blackest Black ($5.90) or DiorShow Black Out Waterproof Mascara ($24.50)




The Comb Brush ““ Somewhere along the way, someone though it would save a step (and a lot of mascara!) if they could make the mascara wand tubular with either a thin or thick applicator “brush” with plastic combs. Revolutionary! Coat your lashes AND separate them at the same time? This is one applicator that is getting more and more popular. Especially with Sassy! This is my go-to applicator brush for my daytime look. Sassy likes: Maybelline Volum’ Express One by One Mascara in Blackest Black ($8.15) or Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara in Ultra Black ($15.00)





The Big Poofy Shapely Brush ““ Some people feel that a fluffy, curvy shaped brush holds an ideal amount of mascara to ensure every lash is coated evenly with mascara. This can be very true! Many top runway models love the look they get with big, thick, plump lashes made possible by the big brushes. For a sexy evening look, this is the way I like to get the results I want! Sassy likes: Buxom Lash Mascara in Blackest Black ($19.00) and Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Limited Edition Full Body Mascara ($25.00)






The “What The Heck Is That?” Brush ““ Yup, like I said”¦ it’s all about marketing. Sometimes you do’t know you need something like a mascara with a funky brush until someone makes one. Then… ooooh… you gotta have it! And it’s usually expensive!! I’m not sure if all of these jazzy mascaras will be around for a long time, but for now they are a hot idea. Sassy likes: Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara in Black ($27.50) and Lancôme Ôscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara ($34.00)

It takes a while before you find a mascara””and a brush””you really like. Some people like a certain look for daytime and something a little different for an evening look. That’s me. Falling in love with a mascara formula AND its brush is’t always easy and sometimes takes several epic fails to get it right. But we all know…even if we do find one? Admit it: w’re still a sucker to try anything new!! So tell me”¦what’s YOUR favorite mascara AND brush???