Mineral Makeup Tips


Mineral Makeup is one of the hottest, trendiest subjects around in the beauty world. Mineral makeup is more than just a new beauty trend – but does it claims health benefits for skin as well?  In this Wiki, we can all collaborate on giving the best and most creative Mineral Makeup Tips around

Please feel free to add any tips if you have them!


Here are some beginning MMU (Mineral Make Up) Tips:


  • Make sure to read all mineral makeup foundation labels prior to purchasing
  • Mineral Make Up comes in powder form for brush application, as well as mineral and water-based airbrush makeup formulas for foundations, shadows, shimmers, bronzers, browliner, blush, and primer
  • Always try to select a mineral makeup brand or company that is doctor recommended. Usually dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend mineral foundations that are bismuth oxychloride free, silk free, biron free, talc free, and mica free.
  • Choose a mineral foundation makeup that doesn’t require a setting or veil powder to tone down the shine, glow, and glitter. (Stick with bismuth oxychloride free, silk free, biron free, talc free, mica free, and silk free foundations to avoid this problem).
  • choose a mineral makeup that is healthy and safe for the skin. Mineral foundation ingredients that are FDA approved. This is important to prevent breakouts and/or ingredient allergies.
  • Pay close attention to MMU company’s return policies, shipping/handling terms before placing any orders.
  • Use a high quality mineral makeup foundation brush to properly test MMU foundations on your face.
  • Try and test mineral makeup samples before buying full sized MMU products. Even if you have to buy the samples, most mineral makeup companies offer mineral foundation samples for sale and, that said, are well worth the money.
  • While testing samples of MMU foundations, follow the MMU company’s included detailed instructions. Not all mineral makeup brands are applied the same.
  • Use a light hand when using loose MMU a little goes a long way.
  • Inquire with the MMU companies about the shelf life of the MMU foundations. (Ask them how long their products last inside the containers, while consumption is happening)
  • Inquire with the MMU companies about non-biased product reviews that have been written about their products and services.
  • Inquire with the MMA companies about any upcoming sales/coupons
  • Do homework on blogs/websites for the MMU brand awareness
  • If you are using mineral concealer and foundation, you may want to apply concealer over the foundation, as you might buff it away if applied before foundation. (From LAMineral’s Post)
  • Use a flat top kabuki for heavier application. Rounded top for applying lighter layers.
  • Many shadows can double as a brow powder and also eyeliner. Yes, visine works great as a wetting medium.
  • Many shadows, blushers and bronzers can serve multiple purposes as lip color, cheek color, eye color. Just be sure to read the labels to check for lip safety.
  • Ingredients: be aware that “made with minerals” can mean just pigment, or just one ingredient. Ingredient lists are listed in order of predominance. SPF ingredients: FYI if a company claims SPF protection then the cosmetic becomes a drug and must meet stringent drug manufacturing laws. Plus, once a drug, the amount of sunscreen ingredients are limited. Not so if it’s a cosmetic with no SPF claims. So a foundation with no SPF claim may have more protection than one that does claim it! Confusing, I know. Sorry:( Point is don’t assume there’s no SPF protection, simply because it isn’t claimed. Read the ingredients, and if you really want to investigate, ask the manufacturer what the percent of SPF ingredients is.