Miss USA Meet and Greet MakeupTalk Exclusive by Rain Cosmetics

I am a beauty fanatic and pride myself on my knowledge of most great brands out there, even the smaller ones.  This includes Las Vegas-based Rain Cosmetics, which is gaining quite the cult following among Vegas locals and tourists alike.  I have been a big fan of Rain since I stumbled upon it one day at a prestigious hotel on the Strip, and when I heard they became the Official Sponsor of this year’s Miss USA Pageant, I just HAD to find out more!  They invited me and Makeup Talk to their Fashion Show and Meet and Greet with the contestants, and it was definitely an afternoon to remember.

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We arrived to find a bustling scene of fans eagerly lined up to see their favorite beauty walk the famous rising runway at Fashion Show Mall on the Strip.  The event was to start with this fashion show and end with a Meet and Greet with the ladies.  The first 51 people to enter the Meet and Greet (this number to represent the 51 contestants) copped a FREE Rain Essential Makeup Kit (Player’s Beauty Collection).  Cool!

Rain Cosmetics owners Ron and Lori Montoya were amazing and hustled us right through the velvet ropes in with the rest of the media crowd.  The Miss USA contestants were still underneath the Fashion Show floor awaiting the start of the show, and no doubt being attended by the very talented Rain National Artist Junior Renteria and the rest of his team.  Suddenly the stage rises and up come 51 of the most gorgeous and poised ladies around accompanied by emcee Matt Goss, Vegas’ own talented crooner, and Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih!

The contestants definitely got right down to business, shaking hands, taking pictures, even holding babies.  I don’t think I have ever been in the company of such genuinely sweet, knowledgeable, and exuberant ladies.  We even got to interview a few pageant hopefuls about makeup!  Rain Cosmetics ran the entire event AND was responsible for all the perfect makeup that didn’t budge all day.  Super impressive, especially under hot lights.  Makeup Talk was able to interview Lori Montoya, a Rain Co-Founder, and their National Artist Junior Renteria too!  I also can’t forget to tell you who we spotted as part of the crowd, going very incognito…

The girls looked perfect, with absolutely flawless makeup and happy genuine smiles.  It was really fun to see what the ladies added to their outfits to show a little personality.  Some wore cute headbands or hats, others sparkly belts, and there was no shortage of SHORTS!  After all 51 ladies got their introduction and chance to walk, all the contestants came out and stood on stage for photos.  Next the ladies took their seats and prepared to sign LOTS of autographs.  Current Miss USA Rima Fakih was front and center, and SUCH a sweetheart.  She tells us one of her favorite mascaras is L’Oreal Voluminous.  Isn’t she beautiful?  And a little blurry…my camera was not exactly state-of-the-art!

Former Miss USA Shanna Moakler made sure to get every single autograph.  What a cool supportive gesture!  All the contestants were really excited to see her.  Though everyone’s makeup was very beautiful, I couldn’t help but LOVE Miss Alaska’s especially.  STUNNING!  That could partly just be her natural self too though.  No re-touching, nothing!

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[vsw id=”M8jWdkbxj4Y” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”349″ autoplay=”no”]

We had such a fun time learning about Rain and supporting the hard-working Miss USA 2011 Contestants.  They have already been in town 2 weeks and have been at non-stop events, made up by the Rain team at every stop.  Pageantry is really quite a job!  The 2011 Miss USA Pageant will air on NBC this Sunday, June 19.  Don’t forget to VOTE for your favorite contestant, the first time in history the audience can vote for a favorite to go straight to the semifinals!

Special Thanks to Rain Cosmetics and all the GORGEOUS and amazing Miss USA 2011 Contestants.  Good luck to all!

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I am a retail store owner, freelance make-up artist, wife to Tim and mom to baby Olivia! I love to write and am a tireless makeup junkie. Always inspired by vintage glam, red lipstick is a must on a daily basis for me.
  1. This is utterly amazing!!!!! How did you capture this info? How did you get in there? Loving Rain and MISS USA!!!!!!

    • Rain is awesome, it’s a small company that makes great makeup so we reached out to them. They rolled out the red carpet for us, it was so cool! Love to support the smaller brands…they usually do the most fun and innovative things anyway. Glad you like, it was so so fun!

  2. I am in love with these girls! Can miss NY be any prettier? Alicia, can I ask, how many people were there? Was trump there?

    • I KNOW they were just amazing, and really some of the nicest people I’ve ever met! I would say at least 200 hung around for the entire event. We didn’t see Trump but we definitely looked!! His hotel is right across the street. 🙂

  3. Cindy @ AlienBabyBlog - Reply

    Wow, Alicia! This blows me away. I’m so bummed I couldn’t be there to watch. The ladies are all so beautiful (especially the reporter ;)) and you asked great questions. Those are great videos, too!

    • HA just remember the camera adds 30 pounds. Somehow this only applied to the reporter, and not the contestants?? 😉

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