Most Common Beauty Regrets (Part One)





If you ever find yourself wondering whether or not something is a good idea, it’s always a better idea to look back at those who have done it before you, and see how they turned off. After all, better her than you, right? There are some things that far more people have disastrous experiences with than positive experiences with, and this is something you should weigh in your mind before you go ahead and take the plunge – as that plunge may be a risky commitment. Don’t get stuck in a bad marriage with your appearance – time can heal all wounds, but time can be excruciating. 




You may hear that “you always want what you don’t have”. Girls with curly hair wish they could tame their locks for a straighter, sleeker finish, while girls with straight hair just wish they could make it do anything, ANYTHING but just lie there. The real go-getters who long for something different will sometimes go to the farthest extreme to get it, and that extreme would be a perm. 


Perm is a contraction of the word permanent, in case you haven’t already picked that up. What a perm will do is give you a very long term adjustment, changing your natural hair texture until it all grows out. So yes, permanently. The deal with perms is that there’s little room for error. In fact, there’s absolutely no room for error in any way, shape, or form. Once it’s set, it’s set, and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is even scarier when you consider that there’s no way of telling exactly how your hair will react under the certain circumstances of the perm – your desire for loose bodied curls can turn into a clown wig that you’re forced to live with.



If you don’t want the longest, fullest eyelashes in the world, you must be absolutely crazy. Long eyelashes are coveted by absolutely everyone who wants their eyes to stand out as much as possible, and with most people claiming eyes to be their best feature, you can see how many people are encompassed in this demographic. Mascaras are only just mascaras, and there are limitations to what they can accomplish. False lashes can be a pain, sometimes uncomfortable to wear and difficult to apply on occasion for such a temporary fix. Eyelash extensions are the remedy to this conundrum, as they’re a more permanent false lash


Individual human hair lashes are bonded to the eyelashes with a permanent adhesive, so you only lose the extension when the natural lash it’s attached to lives out its life cycle and sheds. It seems fabulous, but many people complain about the skin feeling pinched, an irritating, sharp poking sensation from the glue and the lash, a crunchy feeling when they blink, and the lashes shedding unevenly, leaving them spidery in parts, or sometimes, half hanging off until you pluck your own eyelash from the lashline as the only solution to the problem.




Shaving constantly can be such a hassle. It takes up a large portion of your shower time. And when everything starts to grow back, that stubble can drive you absolutely insane. It drives me so insane that I rarely ever shave, reserving it for when it’s absolutely necessary! More and more women are starting to do that, especially with their legs, because shaving sucks. They just switch to wearing pants a little more often and hope for the best, wishing they had smooth legs without having to go through the entire ordeal. For those who can afford it, that makes electrolysis a great option.


I think we all know by now that electrolysis isn’t pretty. It’s a very long, drawn out, repetitive process where you keep going back to have every one of your hair follicles on whatever parts of the body you choose get zapped and burned and destroyed by a laser. If that sounds unpleasant, that’s because it is. It’s extremely unpleasant. And it hurts, as some say, like being repetitively snapped at with a rubber band over every inch of the affected area, over and over again, for weeks. Oh, and don’t expect to walk away without very noticeable burns covering you, as that’s also a relatively common side effect.

If you aren’t afraid of the pain and you really just want the hair to be gone once and for all, it may seem worth it. The bad news is that electrolysis doesn’t work for everyone. That’s right. You could go through weeks and weeks of horrendous laser zapping only to still have to shave at the end of the day, because it’s only slightly lightened your hair or made it a little bit finer. Judge the situation for yourself to see if a huge, really painful risk is worth the reward.





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By Airi Magdalene

Real Life Makeup Artist and MakeupTalk Blogger