Most Common Beauty Regrets (Part Two)



Though telling and brutally honest, my last article on this subject just wasn’t enough to include all of the information. I speak from a place of experience when I tell you about these really common regrets, and I’m doing my best to look out for you guys (and keep your impulses from getting the best of you!) when it comes to these huge potential mistakes. One article alone wasn’t enough to cover it. Let’s take a look at some more major beauty regrets.




I can see why this seems so appealing to so many people. We all have those days, especially when seasonal allergies are acting up, that it seems like every single time we look in the mirror, our eyeliner has made its way from our waterline to approximately everywhere else. At this point, many will exclaim “Eff it, I’m getting it tattooed on!”


It really does seem so convenient. You never have to buy eyeliner again. It never comes off. It makes getting ready in the morning so much easier. Eyeliner is something that most makeup users wear every day, so it seems like no big deal to get permanent eyeliner. While it sounds redundant and maybe a little bit stupid to say, permanent eyeliner is permanent. It’s really permanent. It’s not just that you can never take it off, but it’s that you have to wear that color of eyeliner every single day.


If you want to wear brown eyeliner, but you have black permanent eyeliner, you’ve painted yourself into a corner. It’s also tattooed on the lashline, versus the waterline, so if you’d like to close up your eye for a sexier look, the line is going to be twice as thick, as you can only add. Taking away is not an option.




It’s absolutely true that Botox will produce more obvious and far more immediate results than even the best, most luxurious, most expensive skincare regimen. That’s not even up for debate. While that sounds like a very brief and direct testimony to the wonders of Botox, I assure you that it’s not. Botox has some pretty scary side effects, which include facial paralysis, and Bell’s Palsy,a likely temporary effect where half of the face droops severely for a varying period of time.


Botox itself is also temporary, requiring refresher injections after a specific waiting period. This gets to be expensive. After the Botox wears off, you can actually look worse than you did to start with, and feel like you need the shots more than you did in the first place. Botox becomes a big cycle of pinpricks to the face. It may almost be more beneficial to get a facelift, or an eyelift, instead of getting these shots every few months.




It grows your eyelashes! It just makes them so much better! It’s absolutely wonderful! … maybe. Okay, so not really. It isn’t really that great. Especially when you consider the entire basis of Latisse. Latisse is prescription only, and it is a drug. Why would an eyelash growth serum fall into this category? Easy. It was absolutely never meant to be an eyelash serum.


Latisse, or Bimatoprost is a medication designed to reduce internal eye pressure caused by severe glaucoma. Doctors just so happened to notice that one of the many side effects was that the eyelashes grew longer. That’s right. People who use Latisse are using a glaucoma medication for one of its unintended side effects. And lash growth isn’t the only side effect.


Do you remember the commercials for it? They said it very, very fast, but I believe it was “may cause eyelid skin darkening, which is likely temporary, and increased brown pigmentation of the iris, likely permanent.” That’s not to be taken lightly, either. You may have longer lashes (and no glaucoma pressure) but you may also have the color of your eyes permanently changed.