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Oil….Not just for cooking anymore!

When we think of oil, the first thing that may come to mind is what we use in our car, what we cook with and definitely our salad dressing.  One thing that we completely overlook is the health benefits, as well as the beauty benefits, that can be used for oil.  The trend right now is different types of oil used on our skin, body and hair.  One main example of this is Moroccan/Argan Oil.  It has become so popular in so many ways that even the well known Josie Moran has made it the main ingredient for her cosmetics line, Josie Moran Cosmetics.
It was a secret ingredient that she learned of during her career as a model.  She was on location in France and met an older woman that was extremely beautiful and had gorgeous skin. When Josie asked her the secret that is when she was introduced to Argan Oil.  This is not the only oil to launch a huge beauty trend.  Natural oils, clays and herbs are essential to our lives and promote fabulous health benefits. Using natural products is something that does not need to be left in name brand cosmetics and beauty lines.  There are at-home naturals that live right in our kitchens.  Olive oil is a time honored traditional resource that can be used in a variety of ways.  It is essential to the daily regimen of those living in the Mediterranean. It is also very good for the diet in many ways.  For example, taking one tablespoon of olive oil in the morning before eating or drinking anything else is great for the skin and cholesterol level.  Other ways of using olive oil is to put it in your hair as a mask and leave in on either for a few hours or even overnight. When you go to wash it and style, it leaves your hair silky smooth. It is also wonderful for your nails.  A good remedy to strengthen and moisturize the nails and cuticles is to soak them in olive oil for about 15 minutes every evening. It is absorbed into the skin and truly nourishes the nail bed. These are small tips and recipes to make it easier to do things at home.
It also allows for a more economical option to purchasing a name brand, high priced item.  This is just another way to always remind you that you can make your home your very own spa and using all natural ingredients will be more effective in the long run.  So when you are at the grocery store, always try to think of what you can buy there that will save you money and work at home. Have fun and enjoy!

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