Nail Tips And Tricks

Nail care is so much more than buffing and polishing; especially if you’re looking to make your manicure look as flawless and professional as possible. Here are some tricks to take that manicure of yours to the next level. Select a shape that’s right for your nails. The right nail shape will enhance the features […]

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Brush Me Into a Wonderful World of Makeup!

Is it possible to do good makeup without having the right makeup tools? That is the age old question when we are on vacation or simply on a weekend trip.  Sometimes, we as perfect self-made makeup artists are faced with having to do our own makeup with insufficient tools for the job.  We have to […]

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How To – Contour and Highlight Your Face

Contouring & Highlighting Your Face; Tips & Technique I recently came across a post in which a few different ladies were asking about the proper technique to contouring and highlighting. I realized that I have heard this question quite a few times now, and that it is something many girls would like to learn about. […]

Skin Care

Bad Habits You Need to Stop: Skin

We are supposed to love our skin as much as we love our body.  Skin is one of the most important features on the the body, it is the show all of health, beauty, purity and mood.  Knowing that skin is such an important factor, we should do more, and less at the same time […]


Buyers Guide: Purchasing Foundation

Foundation is exactly what it means. It is the foundation or the base of your face. Women make the fatal mistake on a regular basis of wearing a foundation shade that is the wrong color for their face.  Here are some tips to purchasing foundation to ensure that you have the best match and formulation, […]