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Eyeshadow Placement

Eyeshadow Placement One of the most commonly asked questions by those who are just learning the makeup basics is, where do I place the different eye shadows on my eyes?  Where do the makeup eye shadows actually go on the eye? Sometimes you may see a girl with color on her eyelids only, and sometimes you […]

Beauty Hair Care

Winter Hair Care

With the warm weather gone and old man winter on his way, its time to change your hair care routine to better protect your precious locks. Dry and cold weather can be very damaging to your hair. During the winter months you want to be sure to take extra steps in caring for and protecting […]



Makeup Related Abbreviations BE/BM = Bare Essentual/Bare MineralsBNIB = Brand New in BoxCP = Custom PurchaseCCB = Cream Color BaseCCO = Cosmetics Company Outlet.DDD = Dark Darling DivaDTB = Dare to BeE/C = Eye CurlerEOTD = Eyes Of The DayEDM = Everyday MineralsEGM Earth Glow MineralsE/L = Eye LinerE/S = EyeshadowEOB = Essence of BeautyFOTD […]