Pores. Tiny flaws, big issue.

So lately I’ve started to notice that my pores appear larger. Now maybe they were always large or its because they’ve become more clogged and noticeable (blackheads). However, its become a problem, especially because I’m not one to pile on the makeup, i prefer a more “natural” sheer look. Because of this, I’m going to find out the root of the problem (literally), and try to attack it at the source: make the pores smaller, or at least less noticeable.

     For those of you who don’t know you cannot change the size of your pores per-say, Pore size is predetermined, However things like smoking cause your pores to become larger. What makes pores APPEAR larger is when the oil glands become clogged with things like sweat and dirt, thus making the pore swell. Blackheads will also form, which really accentuate your pores .

     So how do we fix this? First of all clear out your pores with a little something called salicylic acid. The main ingredient in acne washes, and most pore minimizes.
Now, as a kid and even today, i never really get breakouts, so i never used an ‘acne wash’. I always washed my face with a creamy cleanser to keep my skin hydrated. The only time my skin breaks  out is from a particular oil containing product (which by the way steer clean of facial products containing oil, even if you never have a pimple.)

      Anyway on to this magical little ingredient called salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works to clean out your skin, thus removing dead skin cells oil and dirt from your pores. It is not just for acne prone skin, but those who suffer from blackheads ( yes.), and large pores. Clean pores tighten, and will shrink back to their normal size as the dirt is removed, thus appearing smaller.

     Now what i recommend is to wash your face twice a day with a wash containing at least 2 percent salicylic acid. if you skin is sensitive do this once a day. I recommend using one with exfoliating beads if you have stubborn blackheads. Then apply a pore minimizer, i like clique’s pore refiner, (I’m sorry guys but you’ll have to splurge on this one, i have not read one good review on any drug store brand pore minimizer, they kind of act as primers. ) While using cliques, i actually feel my pores tightening but not burning, and it does not leave my skin dry. Within a week you should notice a difference, i do. Do this process until your pores are back to their original smaller looking size,( without all that stubborn grime to enlarge them) and repeat a few times a week after.

     Also, steer clear of pore clogging products like oil based makeups, and only use products that say oil free or non comedogenic  which means they do not clog pores. Steam also is a great way to open the pores.

     **What i don’t recommend is popping your blackheads, as they are stubborn and will come back, also pore strips are kind of harsh and definitely not for extremely sensitive skin types.

So remember, while your pores may look huge, their really just accentuated from oil and blackheads, by following this routine you should have smaller (looking) pores very soon, and can then achieve that glowy skin you once had.


Check out more here , thanks for reading good luck