Purse Hacks: Fixing Your Makeup When You Didn’t Plan On It

Things happen. We’re all prone to accidents and unforeseeable disasters. We all have days where we work until our makeup has taken a toll, and the second we clock out, we get a text inviting us to go out, and stopping home to fix

ourselves would make us late. In situations like this, what is there we can do? There’s actually more than what may initially come to mind. 


400For breakout oil or sweat throughout the day that eats away foundation like a ravenous animal, don’t panic if you don’t have blotting papers. Paper napkins from nearly any fast food restaurant, coffee shop, or gas station really do work as blotting papers in a fix. Keep some in your purse or in your glove box whenever you wind up with ones you don’t need. Don’t toss them and waste them when you can keep them hanging around to save you when you least expect it. 

While this one takes some preparation, you don’t have to go without foundation or concealer, either. They’re extremely impractical to carry around with you as they come, even more so when you consider that you’re not going to need a ton to touch up with. Try dispensing foundation and concealer into a small contact lens case. It’s small enough to carry around with you, even if your pocket if it came down to it. You’ll have enough to touch up with and you won’t have to worry about remembering to put your entire bottles and jars into your bag. It can live there safely 700until you use it up, wash out the lens case, and refill it. 

Those mini, disposable single use toothbrushes that some toothpaste brands sell will come in handy more often than they’re typically given credit for. They’re inexpensive and can wipe the scent of lunch off of your breath if you don’t have time to run home and brush your teeth. Travel size deodorant and perfume rollerballs are also a small price to pay to never have to risk being in dire need and not having them. 


The mini eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and mascaras that come as gifts with purchase from almost every high end counter are things we often get for the novelty value, but don’t use. Select one at a time, especially with mascaras, to open and use. Out of those gifts with purchase you get from buying your full sized products during gift time, you can create an emergency touch up kit that’s small enough to take along every day. 



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By Airi Magdalene
Real Life Makeup Artist and MakeupTalk Blogger