Quick Fixes For Common Problems



I apply makeup to other people’s faces almost every day of my life. There isn’t a situation I haven’t encountered, or a question I haven’t been asked over the course of the past few years. I’ve noticed some tremendously common ones I get when I sit people down in my chair and have them tell me about their makeup, what they use, and how it works. I always ask tons of questions, because getting to know the makeup personality of my clients is what enables me to perform to the best of my abilities. There are a few things I’ve noticed occur very often in real life, but almost nobody talks about them on the internet. This leads me to believe that people encounter these situations and don’t know what to do, so they just live with them. Here’s three fixes for some of the most common little discussed issues I face in my professional life.




Have you ever applied foundation, and noticed that no matter what you do, it’s just not going on your nose? The nose thing isn’t happening. No hope for the nose. It looks streaky and uneven. Join the club, because this happens to tons of people. You know what causes this? Oil. Get into a good regimen of exfoliating the skin, as when the skin on the nose becomes oily, it can sometimes also become hard. You may not notice it at first touch, but it needs to be exfoliated often. Apply foundation to the face fresh after it’s been washed and properly exfoliated, and allowed to air dry for about 20 minutes. You’ll never have that problem again.





So eyeliner won’t stay on you. It doesn’t matter what brand or how expensive it is. You end up returning it because it just won’t go on or stay on. You’ve even tried heating up the tip of the pencil to help it glide on. It cannot be that every eyeliner in the world doesn’t work! And that isn’t what the case is. You may likely have a very wet waterline. Some people just do, and it’s not the end of the world. Roll a q-tip over the waterline to get rid of the excess water, and apply the eyeliner with a firm motion, slowly passing it back and forth, almost like you’re wiggling it. It’ll go on, and if it’s a longwearing or waterproof eyeliner pencil, it’ll stay

on, too.




Every time you conceal under your eyes, you get these big, weird white circles. I get asked so often what causes that, or why it happens. This one has seemingly the most obvious solution – stop using undereye concealer that’s way too light for you. The notion that undereye concealer needs to be lighter than your skin is a completely false notion. Use an undereye concealer that’s exactly the same color for a fresh, perfect, awake look without getting undereye ghostbags.