Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

Sally Hansen Salon Effects are nail strips that are made of real nail polish. There a several different colors and designs and are supposed to last up to 10 days. The sets range from solid colors to denim inspired. I picked up the two that looked most interesting to me.

Frock Star, Kitty Kitty

Frock Star is almost identical to Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, which is probably why it caught my eye. I love that polish! Kitty Kitty looked like fun, too. I tried Frock Star first, and now that I have tried Kitty Kitty, I must say the application varied quite a bit.

Each set comes with 16 nail strips in various sizes, a wooden cuticle stick, a mini nail file, and detailed instructions with pictures.

Price: I purchased these sets for $9.99 at Walgreens, but I believe they range from $7.99 to $9.99 depending where you go. Even for $8, I personally do not think these are worth it. Most of the designs that are available can be easily replicated with Konad stamping or a simple glitter polish. The sets do cost less than a professional manicure, but that still does not justify the price of these one-time (maybe two, if you have smaller nails) use nail strips. I think a price point of $5 would be much better.

Application: The application directions are simple: be sure your nails are free from any residue by cleaning them with polish remover, pick out a nail strip, stretch it to fit your nail, and file off the excess. My first experience applying these was not pleasant at all. I spent a lot of time cutting the strips to fit the shape of my cuticles better because they are so round. This time, I couldn’t be bothered, and just applied the closest fitting strip to my nail. The awesome thing about these strips that I failed to notice the first time is these nail strips stretch to fit your nail. I still had some gaps, and I would still do a little trimming if I wore these again, but the stretchy consistency of the strips definitely helps.

Kitty Kitty

Wear: I wore the Kitty Kitty set for five days before I couldn’t stand it anymore. The wear was okay, and I did not experience any major chipping, but I did have a little bit of lifting at the corners of my nails. They seemed secure at the time of application, so I do not think it was user error. I am very skeptical that these could last 10 days without any chipping or peeling.

Overall: The utility of these sets is going to be a personal decision. For me, these are not worth the money. Considering how many manicures I get out of one bottle of polish, I cannot justify the purchase of these. However, if you hate painting your nails and/or want a special design once in a while, these may be worth checking out.
What do you think of the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects? Do you think these strips are worth trying? Discuss in the comments or over at MakeupTalk’s Nail Talk forum!

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  1. Loved them they stayed on more than ten days. But would like to order on line a different color they don’t carry in store.

  2. I am just not able to find these nail decals anywhere….and I live in a big city!!! LOL…LOL…I can’t even locate them online either….

  3. I was real disapointed in the butterfly one they did not last and was not as great as the rest of the color.will nit buy them again.

  4. Kevin (the girl) - Reply

    I just bought the “Laced Up” print last night from Wal-Mart and I must say I am amazed!! I love them!!
    They went on easily, no mess ups at all and it was my first time using them. Application was super fast too!
    I get paid on Tuesday and I plan on getting more! I want the zebra, the butterflies, and the houndstooth!! I want to stock up on them before they become really popular and hard to find!

    Why does Sally Hansen act like they dont exist? I have tried looking them up to get them online on the Sally Hansen site and there is not a thing about them!!! They are amazing and I wish there was more information on them on the site!
    When I google it, I just find blogs about them. This is fine but I wish I could find a place to order them online!! Any suggestions?

  5. These suck, I got 2 packs, frock star and the neon yellow ones. I put on the Frock Star 2 days ago and it has stayed fine thus far, but like 4 of the strips did not have adhesive, and i had to use the largeeee thumb one and make it fit my index finger, kind of annoying. Hoping the neon yellow won’t be the same, prolly will not buy again..Also if you stretch a little to much it rips and your tips aren’t covered well 🙁 + strips did not fit most of my nails.

  6. I personally like salon effects. They were easy to apply and I didnt have any issues. The only problem is that I all the styles I want are out of stock at my local retailers. When I go to the company website, they have no info about Salon effects. it is very frustrating

  7. Mine did not last for 5 minutes. They did not stick at all on my nails and I followed directions exactly. They peeled right off. Wish I could get my $10 back.

  8. I had a similar experience but they lasted even shorter amount of time despite my precise application, less than 24 hours!! I bought them because I liked the cool patterns, what a waste of money! You better not shampoo your hair because it gets caught in your ‘do! It not only pulls at your hair in the shower, it chips away color at the cuticle. As did a knit sweater I wore, my nails picked up fuzzies and color chipped away at the tips. Definitely not worth $10. I agree that a five dollar price point, for special occasions for funky patterns would be more logical. Its much more cost efficient to buy a bottle of polish if you want a solid color.

  9. I live in the Uk and am very sad because we cannot buy these anywhere. I bought some from Walmart when I was in the states and all my family think they are fantastic. I think the trick is use on your toes only. My mum has had hers on her toes for 4 weeks +. I love these so much I am trying to find out how I can sell them in the UK!

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