Selecting A Foundation Shade Like A Pro

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Have you ever thought you’ve found your perfect match, or even been matched by a salesperson, and then left the store to find that your face looks abruptly different from the rest of your body? It’s happened to the best of us. The good news is, there’s an easy remedy.
Antiquated teachings have lead most people to believe that your foundation should match your jawline. While this works for some people, it isn’t right for most people. Even foundation that matches your jawline perfectly may be too dark or too light for you, especially with foundations that offer more than light coverage. This is because our skin is many, many different colors. Just like your face and your hands are likely very different colors, you’ll also notice some variations between your neck and your chest if you pay close enough attention. 
With nothing on the skin, it appears to be a very light graduation of color that can sometimes go unnoticed.
Since foundation offers one flat shade, it takes away that natural graduation of tones, making your chest a completely different shade from your face with no mid-tones to ease the eye through that transition. You apply that foundation and boom, before you know it, it looks like you’re wearing a mask. This becomes especially pesky in the warmer seasons, when we’re wearing more tanks and sleeveless tops.
Your chest may be a few shades lighter, or a few shades darker than your face, depending on how much sun you get and where you get it. Pigmentation issues also play into it. If you have rich ebony skin or nearly translucent ivory skin, it will likely be very easy to notice differences in pigmentation. Sometimes, you can appear to have to different undertones between your chest and your face, and that’s very normal. The key is to match your foundation to your chest. Being one solid color from your hairline to your bust is the ideal outcome. 
You’ll find that it’s much easier to match your foundation to your chest, because you can look right down and see. If you’re at the drugstore, you can hold the bottle to your chest and look down. This is a method you can’t use to match to your face, since most drugstores don’t have mirrors available for your use. 
If you get matched at a counter, simply ask the person assisting you to match the foundation to your chest. If they ask why, tell them, and suggest they use this tip for their other customers. It’s a great tip to pass along.

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