Shopping for a Beauty Queen: The Dos and Don’ts

I assume that if you’re following this blog, then you probably have a pretty decent understanding of all things beauty. But just because you have all that knowledge doesn’t mean the people buying you gifts this holiday season do!


Sneakily print this article out and slip it under your significant other’s/parent’s/clueless bestfriend’s pillow to make sure they know all the dos and don’ts of shopping for a makeup fanatic like you! (And, if you need some gift ideas, make sure you check out MalkeupTalk’s Holiday Shopping Guide!)


DO go to reliable stores.

It may seem easy and appealing to shop for makeup products through online stores like Amazon and Ebay, but there’s a strong chance that the items you’re buying are fake! It might cost a little extra, but your beauty obsessed friend will be glad you made the effort to get her authentic items.


For quality make-up, hair, or skin products, try stores like Sephora or Ulta. Or, you can usually order directly from the brand at their website.


DON’T get skin products (unless she tells you exactly what she wants)!

The thing about faces is that everyone is different. Even if your favorite soap keeps your skin smooth and soft, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for other people. Buying skin products of any time can be a bit of a risk, so only purchase the exact items she asks for – or don’t get any at all!


If you really like skin products as gifts, why not try bath products instead? They’ll be less likely to irritate. I’m in love with Lush products right now, and they make great gifts!


DO force her to try something new.

If your friend is a true beauty fanatic, then she probably already has all the basics. Instead of gifting the beauty queen in your life another mascara, find something fun and out there that she doesn’t already have: make her experiment! The best gifts tend to be the ones you wouldn’t buy for yourself.


Lip tattoos seem incredibly crazy, but the could be perfect for a party gal who likes to go out on the weekends. Does your bestie always wear black eyeliner? Gift her purple eyeliner to help mix it up.


DON’T throw away the receipt.

This really applies to any gift you purchase for a friend, but especially with make-up, don’t throw away the receipt! Some things just don’t work on everybody, no matter how great a color looks in the package. Even worse, what if your friend has an allergic reaction and can’t use your awesome gift? Hang on to the paperwork just in case.


What would you tell others trying to shop for a MuT member? Let me know in the comments!



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