Simple Tips To Stop Your Thinning Hair Problem

AOur hair is fundamentally made up of protein called keratin. One of the things to consider in making your hair healthier and avoiding thinning hair is by taking care and pampering the scalp. Basically, the hair does not have a nervous system and thus has no blood supply. It is also not capable of doing reparative activities. The scalp on the other hand has all the abilities that the hair does not have. Having a healthy scalp can definitely result in a healthy head of hair. Here are some helpful tips in keeping your scalp healthy:


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* Exfoliate the scalp using a scalp scrub


It is indeed advantageous to exfoliate the scalp with a gentle scrub such as the Leimo scalp scrub as this can effectively remove pore clogging grime on the surface, removing dead skin cells to reveal the refined scalp and skin beneath.


* Do not use too much equipments for the hair


Hair equipments like blower, curling and straightening irons are proven to be very ruinous to your scalp and hair. Using these equipments frequently can surely cause brittle, thinning hair and hair loss. All these hair equipments can significantly strip essential oils from the skin which causes dry and flaky scalp, so it is very imperative to regulate the usage of these equipments.


* Washing the scalp on a daily basis


Making the scalp clean is one of the healthiest way to eliminate clogged pores and prevent fungal infections like dandruff. You must pick shampoos that contain mild ingredients or herbal extracts perhaps. Potent herbals for the scalp include saw palmetto, aloe vera, and ginseng.


* Applying natural or organic hair loss solutions


Massaging your scalp can be very beneficial. You should pick the product that contains herbal ingredients like the saw palmetto extracts. This main and active ingredient has been crucially studied by experts for years and is now clinically proven to be an effective treatment for hair loss and is in fact perfect for battling thinning hair and genetic balding which is also referred to as male and female pattern baldness. A product that offers serums that contain saw palmetto extracts is Leimo.


thinning hair treatment


Leimo is a combination of nature and science as the brand is famous for its organic ingredient which is the saw palmetto extracts and their personal hair laser device that is globally known as the best laser hair therapy. The topical solutions that Leimo provides are perfect for people who endure mild to moderate genetic balding or typically referred to as androgenic alopecia. The laser device works best in conjunction with the their hair thinning solutions that specifically halt the DHT formation in the scalp while the laser device provides low level laser therapy which aids in stimulating hair regrowth by increasing blood circulation, making the hair follicles healthy and capable of producing more thick hair. For more hair thinning products, visit