Skincare? Care Your Cosmetics First


No ugly women,only lazy women world. I have a very close girlfriend always with a beautiful make up and amazing dress, but she change her cosmetics very often, the answer is “they are dirty and useless, AGAIN~“ 

Why this comes from ? Because she never cares about her cosmetics.

The three principal enemies of one’s cosmetics are moisture, heat, and light. Moisture causes mold to develop in mascara and plastic eyeliner tube, whilst caking powdered eye shadows and blushes. Heat and light will melt and change the color and chemical composition of the makeup. The worst location you can retailer your makeup would be the place a lot of people do: in the bathroom where there is certainly an abundance of moisture, heat and light. Alternatively, attempt storing your makeup in a dresser drawer or even greater; place it inside your refrigerator.

If you are a little lazy ,try some containers like tackle boxes, challenging travel compacts or cosmetics tube are best because they lock out moisture.

Though storing makeup such as lipgloss Transparent lipgloss tube with aluminium cap correctly makes it last longer, six months will be the longest you must preserve any liquid or cream cosmetic item.

By storing and caring for your makeup with cosmetics tube, you are able to have hygienically safe makeup that stays fresh for an extended period of time. Furthermore, you’ll save funds by not obtaining to replace your makeup also often due to contamination. Maintaining your cosmetics isn’t challenging and it will make a huge distinction within the way you look.

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