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Spring Forward – Tips to Looking Your Best this Season

Spring Forward: Tips for Looking Your Best This Season


Spring is the perfect time to get glowing skin and great hair. Natural lip treatments and the perfect spring manicure can also keep you looking your best this season. Here are a few practical and effective beauty tips that will make spring one of your favorite times of year.


Magnificent Manicure


Spring is often the time you make adjustments to your wardrobe to include bright or pastel colors. You can incorporate these hues into your manicure as well and show off baby blue, yellow or light pink nails. Before painting your nails, treat your cuticles with olive or coconut oil to remove dead skin and smooth your nail beds. You can also apply a little lemon juice and witch hazel to your nails to prevent yellowing and nail fungus. Check out nail polish brands like Essie and OPI for eye-catching spring colors that will make your mani stand out.


Perfect Pout


For moisturized lips this spring, use a lip exfoliator. Combine honey, sugar and olive oil and apply directly to the lips. Allow the mixture to sit on your lips for about three minutes, and gently remove with a cotton pad and soft washcloth. Lock in moisture with EOS lip balm, which contains ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E to protect your lips from sun and wind damage and prevent peeling. The lip balms are available in a number of flavors, including vanilla mint, passion fruit and pomegranate raspberry.


Luxurious Locks


To keep your hair looking healthy and shiny this spring, add ingredients like apple cider vinegar and egg whites to your hair care routine. Apple cider vinegar can be added to your conditioner to cleanse the scalp and remove debris from the hair while being gentle on your strands. Egg whites are an excellent protein treatment for conditioning the hair, and can help prevent frizziness. It’s also a good idea to get a trim or even a new haircut for spring to change your look and get rid of dead ends.


Sensational Skin


Finally, make your skin springtime fresh by making your own masks. Combining sugar, honey, milk and avocado helps to lock in moisture while exfoliating your skin, or you can mix baking soda, eggs, honey and lemon juice for a mask that will cleanse your pores and get rid of hyper-pigmentation. If you’re trying to get rid of breakouts for a beautiful spring complexion, Differin now offers prescription-strength retinol cream at local superstores like Walmart and Target.


These are just some of the ways that you can rejuvenate your body and improve your looks as you go into the spring season. Of course, these tips can be used during other times of the year to maintain your appearance as well. Happy spring!

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