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Stop and Prevent Acne and Pimple Break Outs!

steps to stopping and preventing acne breakouts
Whether your in your preteens, teens, your twenties or even your adulthood, pimples, zits, breakouts, and acne can be a problem. They are unsightly and can also be painful.
So if you or someone you know is suffering from a break out, male or female, read on.
The following ten steps are essential in preventing and controlling acne and pimple break outs.
Whether you want to prevent future pimples or you want to zap away the zits you already have, by following the suggested steps, you’ll be on your way to a healthy clear complexion in no time.


Keep your facial skin moisturized. Use an oil free moisturizer if you already suffer from break outs. Although you may think that the moisturizer will break you out further, it in fact will not. When your skin is too dry, your body creates an androgen hormone which creates and releases sebum or oil, causing clogged pores and pimples.


It is important to exfoliate your face regularly to remove all dead skin cells and flakes. This will prevent your pores from becoming clogged with gunk and help to remove whatever build up you may already have. Exfoliating will give you a healthy and soft glow. There are two types of exfoliaters available on the market. Physical Scrubs and Chemical Lotions.The scrubs contain small particles of things like almonds, apricots, salt and sugar. These are grainy in texture and are rubbed on and rinsed off your face. The chemical exfoliants come in lotion, oil and gel forms. They contain things like retinoids, beta hydroxy acids and alpha hydroxy acids. Chemical exfoliants are much stronger and must be use with caution. Be sure to follow all the instructions on the package when applying. There is no scrubbing involved and you want to be sure to use it only for the recommended amount of time, as it may cause burns.

By having too much stress in your life, you are causing your hormones to fluctuate and produce more oil. Try removing stresses from your life, or taking a few minutes each day to relax and focus on your breathing. Your heart, mind and beauty will thank you.

Use a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun! The UVA and UVB rays are very harsh year round, but especially in the summer time. Always be sure to apply sunscreen before sun exposure. Always use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or Higher. Many sunscreens are oil free and marked as non clogging lotions.

To help clear and dry up existing pimples, try using an over the counter, on the spot treatment containing benzoyl peroxide 2.5% max, or salicylic acid of 0.5%. Using a stronger solution may dry out and irritate your skin.

Dissolve a couple of aspirin in a tablespoon of water creating a paste, and use to banish pimples. Use as a spot treatment by applying directly to the pimple. Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory which reduces swelling.

By using an ice pack or cold compress you can reduce the swelling of your break out by applying the cold to your skin for 10 minutes.


By using eye drops for red, dry eyes you can reduce the redness of a pimple instantly. Just a few drops will work. This works great if your in a pinch.

Once a week you should treat your skin to an acne fighting facial mask.
This will unclog pores and leave your skin fresh. Clay masks will reduce excess oil in your skin, by absorbing it. Medicated masks contain benzoyl peroxide to help reduce existing break outs. Try alternating each week between a clay mask and a medicated one. Both will help to reduce break outs. Be sure to follow the directions and use the facial mask for the recommended amount of time.


By seeing a dermatologist you can find out exactly what condition your skin is in. Doctors now offer a laser treatment to zap away pimples. Although the results are not immediate, and you need to make a few appointments for treatment, the results will last the longest. A dermatologist will also be able to prescribe a stronger acne treatment that is not available at the drugstore or over the counter pharmacy. seek professional help if you are having serious issues with acne prone skin. Try to resist the urge to pop your pimples, unless they are white headed. Doing so can cause further irritation to your skin. Everyone suffers from acne at some point in their life so do’t feel any less secure if you are suffering from a break out right now.
Follow these simple acne prevention tips and soon you’ll have a healthy and clear complexion!!