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How To: Make Your Eyes Appear Brighter

Spring is here (believe it or not) and along with fashion changes, we often switch up our beauty routine. For one, we want to appear as wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as we feel! Some of us need a little help in that area. If you’re one of those people, I’m here to help! I have a […]

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How To – Conceal Your Eyebrows

Concealing your eyebrows Concealing your eyebrows can come in handy when dressing in costume makeup, or if you are a male trying to conceal your brows, so you can draw artificial brows on in place. There are two easy and common ways of concealing your brows that I will share with you. The first of which, […]


Ultimate Eyebrows Part 1 – Eyebrow History

Hello MakeupTalk blog readers!  Being inspired by many beauty bloggers, beauty magazines, celebrity fashion, celebrity makeup and haircare, I thought I would dive into a subject that is focused on such a small part of the body, but has such elaborate details that can be read about.  It’s kind of falls into the category of […]