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How To: Make Your Eyes Appear Brighter

Spring is here (believe it or not) and along with fashion changes, we often switch up our beauty routine. For one, we want to appear as wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as we feel! Some of us need a little help in that area. If you’re one of those people, I’m here to help! I have a […]

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How to apply a Highlighter

(Picture by¬†bixentro) SKIN TYPE If you have youthful, wrinkle-free and blemish-free skin and want a dewy look, take a luminiser and mix it with your liquid foundation. This will give your whole face a dewy look. I do not recommend this for people that have oily or acne/blemish prone skin. If you have oily skin, […]

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How To – Contour and Highlight Your Face

Contouring & Highlighting Your Face; Tips & Technique I recently came across a post in which a few different ladies were asking about the proper technique to contouring and highlighting. I realized that I have heard this question quite a few times now, and that it is something many girls would like to learn about. […]