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Simple Ways to Clean Your Makeup Stains

Have you ever smudged your lipstick on your shirt sleeve or dropped your palette onto your lap getting foundation on your white skirt?  Makeup stains can sometimes be difficult to remove from fabric especially if you are not familiar with some easy simple tips and tricks. Bear in mind, that some makeup types will respond […]

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Makeup Tips for Senior Women

As you age and you’re dealing with fine lines, crow’s feet, sun spots, and other signs that signal a spike in the number of years you’ve been on this great earth, it can be difficult to wear makeup the way you used to.  However, just because you’re older does’t mean that you ca’t look as […]

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After the Spackle, Comes the Perfect Color…. Foundation Basics!

There are so many choices, so many types and endless shades.  They taunt us with their consistency and their formulations.  They can truly be the end all to a true makeup stalker’s madness. They are in short, foundations.  Foundations are available in liquid, powder, cream, airbrush, mousse, etc., but what do you do when you […]