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Loving Some Raisins!

Ah, raisins. That tiny little fruit that kids just love. They are also those awesome candies when they are covered in chocolate. Even at my age now, I will justify it in my mind that if I eat a box of Raisinettes, I’ve had my daily dose of vitamin C. Work with me on this, […]

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$%#&–I Broke A Nail!

About a month ago, I had accidentally broken three nails on my hand. They never tear completely across”¦a “chunk” snaps off – just enough where I have to cut a substantial amount off to make it even across, then file it smooth. If I do’t, it will just catch on anything and everything: in my […]

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What Is Dusty Hunting?

As a fairly new polish junkie, I have missed out on a lot of past polish collections. There are even some shades that I remember seeing but, in my civilian ignorance, ignored because they were not pink or purple. HA!  Because of this, my lemming list is long and daunting. Fortunately, with a little bit […]