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All About Pores – Spring’s here and with it comes clogged pores.

Spring’s here and with it comes clogged pores. Spring and summer are the most common months to start having clogged pores, aka: acne problems. this is heavily due to the sun causing makeup to sweat off, as well as pollen and other natural debris falling onto your face throughout a nice day outside. Nobody wants […]

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Are Chemial Peels the Real Deal?

I am the fan of the old saying, “Age gracefully”. However, keeping my skin fresh and wrinkle/blemish free is part of my aging routing. On my quest to rejuvinate my skin, I stumbled across Chemical Peels, used by many celebs to keep their skin looking youthful. After days of researching, I finally found a Medispa […]

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The Ultimate in Skin-Hydration

With temperatures continuing to plunge even further below the thermometer scale, it is no surprise that we are beginning to see the effects such wintery weather is having on our skin. So how can we keep skin hydrated this December? Using an excellent moisturizer a few times a day is the answer! The golden rule. By drinking […]