The Care and Keeping of Eyebrows

When it comes to our face, we tend to forget about our eyebrows; after all, isn’t it way more fun to apply eye shadows and lipstick? The truth is, though, that no matter how good your face makeup may be, the entire look can be ruined by un-groomed brows.


Treat yourself – and your eyebrows! Read this tutorial to learn different techniques for hair removal, how to find your perfect shape, and figure out easy solutions for common problems.


Part 1: Three most common techniques for eyebrow hair removal.

Whether you want to do it yourself or would rather put your brows into professional hands, you can find a technique that’s just right for you.



1. Plucking


By far the most common way to groom your brows, plucking involves taking a pair of tweezers and pulling individually on each hair follicle you want to remove. It’s important that you cleanse the area you’re tweezing before beginning, as well as sanitizing your tweezers. Pull the hair in the direction that it grows to avoid ingrown hairs, and make sure you visualize the shape you want before beginning.


  • PROS: Cheap; can be done at home
  • CONS: Higher chance of over plucking; time consuming


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2. Waxing


Although you can wax your eyebrows at home, it’s more commonly done at beauty salons. Hot wax is applied to the area of the brow meant to be removed. A paper strip is placed over the wax and then quickly ripped off. This process will usually remove all the hairs in one go, though you may need to follow through with some tweezers to get any stray hairs.


  • PROS: Quick; takes longer for hair to grow back
  • CONS: Expensive if not done at home; can be painful


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3. Threading


Eyebrow threading is a relatively new trend, though it’s been performed in Middle Eastern culture for centuries. Cotton thread is twisted around eyebrow hair and then pulled to remove from skin. It allows for whole lines of hair to be removed.


  • PROS: Good for sensitive skin; doesn’t peel off skin layers
  • CONS: Most expensive option


Part 2: Finding the perfect shape for your eyebrows.





To get a gorgeous, natural looking shape, measure out your eyebrows and mark with an eyebrow pencil as needed. Use the diagram on Megan Fox as a guide.


  1. Measure a straight line from the outside edge of the bridge of your nose to your eyebrows. This is how long the brows should be.
  2. Measure a diagonal line from the outside corner of your eye to the outside edge of your nose. Extend the line so that it hits your eyebrows. This is where you should stop with your brows on the outside.
  3. Your arch should hit the highest point just outside the outer edge of the iris


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Part 3: Fixing three most common problems.




1. Oh no! I over plucked!


Unfortunately, it happens to everyone, especially if you attempt to groom the whole brow at once. Take an eyeliner pencil, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow kit, or eye shadow that matches the color of your brows and shade in the bare looking areas. Use a cotton ball or sponge to help blend the product in to make it look more natural.


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2. My eyebrow hairs don’t grow straight! They’re everywhere.


If your brows become too long and kinky, use an eyebrow trimmer to give them a small snip. Remember, it’s better to start small – if you try to cut too much at once, you will make a mistake. This can be especially useful in between plucking or waxing sessions to make your  brows look more groomed.





3. I have eyebrow dandruff! Is this even possible?


It may seem weird, but your eyebrows can have dandruff.  To help cure, exfoliate the area just below the eyebrow, and then clean your brows with a gentle shampoo. Finally, swab the bothered area with baby oil on a cotton ball. If you don’t notice results within a week or two, consider talking to your doctor.



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