The Debate: Foundation or Concealer First?


700This isn’t just a question that I’ve been asked a lot, it’s a question that gets asked a lot in general. While everyone seems to be adamantly of the mind that there is only one correct answer and their preferred way is the only way, everyone is wrong. There are occasions where either case would be the right case. It’s just a matter of determining what you’re trying to accomplish.


If we’re talking about corrective concealers, correcting is best done before foundation. You want to put the corrector directly on top of the discoloration in order for it to actually properly do its job. You’re also depending on laying the foundation over it to cover up the corrector. That’s why many foundation primers come in corrective shades, because correcting is intended to be one of the first steps. Applying corrector over foundation tends to just show the color of the corrector, leaving weird rainbow patches in its wake.


You’re going to want to apply concealer before you apply foundation in cases where you’re doing a heavy duty conceal on an area that’s larger than the size of a dime. If you’re covering a scar or a birthmark, or any other area of very noticeable discoloration, you already know that it’s going to remain obvious THROUGH the foundation. More often times than not, foundation and concealer shades will not be perfectly exact to each other, and the textures will always be different. If you want the most uniformity in shade and texture,  reach for the concealer first400

and be gentle around those areas when applying the foundation on top. If you’re still insisting on applying concealer last in this scenario, you need to accept the fact that the slight difference in shade and usually notable difference in texture and finish will definitely make your concealer obvious, which defeats the entire point. 


If you have small blemishes, like a small bit of redness, a live acne spot, a post acne mark, or a little bit of darkness under the eyes, apply your foundation first. In these scenarios, a foundation with good coverage will cover most, if not all of the problem. Then, a teeny tiny dab of concealer over the top won’t be noticeable, and you’ll only have to use the minimal amount that you need.



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By Airi Magdalene
Real Life Makeup Artist and MakeupTalk Blogger