The Miracle Oil

Argan Oil (also known as Morocco Oil) is currently being heralded as a bit of a miracle oil. Removes scars, heals the skin, can probably bring Elvis back as well. I figure it might be worth trying out on the beard.





The Argan Tree

Argan Oil is produced from kernals of the Argan Tree, endemic to Morocco. The oil is pressed out of the kernals. Argan oil’s botanical name is Argania Spinosa oil. 
In ancient times, the Berbers of Morocco collected the pits from the waste of goats that had climbed the trees to eat the fruit. These pits were ground and pressed to produce the nutty oil that the Berbers used for cooking and cosmetics.
These days, the oil is directly processed from the tree – skipping the goat processing stage. Though I am sure you can pay extra somewhere to get oil that has already passed through a goat.
The Argan Tree is actually classed as endangered by UNESCO, but since the interest in the Argan Oil has increased, these trees are now getting more attention, as people realise the value of them. 
The increase of production of the oil is also having noticeable social and environmental impacts in Morocco. The labour intensive nature of the production has lead to increase in income and therefore social status of it’s primary producers – women co-operatives.



The characteristics of Argan Oil

 Argan oil contains tocopherols (vitamin E), phenols, carotenessqualene, and fatty acids, (80% unsaturated fatty acids). The main natural phenols in argan oil are caffeic acidoleuropeinvanillic acidtyrosolcatecholresorcinolepicatechin and catechin.
Smell wise – pure Argan oil should be fairly neutral – and major smell would indicate that the oil is either tainted or rancid. The general shelf life of Argan oil is 12 months but for extremely pure versions it is longer.



What does that mean?

Argan oil conditions and revitalises damaged hair. It gets right down to the roots and pores and nourishes and hydrates the hair and skin underneath it, while repairing the cellular membrane. Essentially, this means it’s going to soften your beard and make both the hair and your skin healthy. Less flaking, less scratching.
The combined oxygenating, hydrating and elastifying effect that the nutrients in Argan oil have on the skin have given it a reputation as an anti-ageing treatment.  
It contains scar healing properties and can help relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.  Weak or brittle nails can also be strengthened with Argan oil. Like I said, it’s considered a little bit of a miracle oil.
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