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The (sometimes painful) art of eyebrow threading.

My eyebrows and I have a difficult relationship.  I want them to do one thing, they want to do their own thing…sometimes I don’t like the color of them, sometimes I can’t stand the shape of them…it goes on and on.  I’ve done tweezing, waxing, and have used an eyebrow stencil and pencil.  Sure, I can get a “cleaned up” look, but none have ever really given me a satisfying, sexy shape to my eyebrows (think: Kim Kardashian.)
That is until I was introduced  to eyebrow threading.  Eyebrow threading is an ancient Indian hair removal method.  It uses two pieces of thread that intertwine each individual hair, pulling it from its follicle.  This is done with extreme precision, and when done right, results in beautifully shaped eyebrows.
I am not going to say that this is a pleasant process, because for me, it is not.  After all is said and done, I struggle to open my eyes, am sensitive to light, and have tears running down my face.  Not everyone reacts that way.  Both my Sister and Mom walk out of there with dry eyes.  I wish I knew their secret because two hours later, I’m STILL tender…

Every time I have it done, I leave saying I will NEVER do it again.  But I always do and always will, because as I said before, the results are AMAZING!  I highly recommend at least trying this hair removal method, and I can almost guarantee you will go back.  Good luck and happy hair pulling!