The trick to get beautiful, healthy hair


A recent study at Unilever with a hair: In two years, her hair can go through all 411 washes, brushes 6171 respectively, approximately 10 times and 19 122 times bleach breakage … With such a record number, your hair needs to be cared for and to launch more. When asked, the expert on your hair for a list of helpful tips about the following major issues.




1. Hair gloss

Problem: Your hair thin and not able to create attractive looks like “Angels” of Victoria’s Secret?
Solution: A complete package approach from the hair root to tip.
– To address the root of the problem by using powdered sugar or hairspray on the class that you use conditioner on the hair. This is the secret of stylists from the golden hair of famous actress Kate Hudson.
– Adjust the hair dryer at low or moderate step drying. With moderate temperatures and a curling brush, hair out of your class will become the ball, bounce and fuller. While high temperatures contributed to your hair to the brink of breakage.
– When combing the hair, it’s better that you use the comb is made of natural fibers or nylon fibers instead of soft iron or plastic comb. Because hair (and especially fine hair) are sensitive to breakage than dry the hair fiber.
– A secret for you when you want to shape and create the hair bulging certain: Spray hairspray or dry shampoo on top of the head, combing each section smooth hair. Then, combed her hair and bloomers into high ponytail. Spray to the hair and keep it for 10 minutes. After you give your hair, your hair looks different from floating roof and shiny hair.

2. Length

Problem: Hair grows too slowly.
Solution: Not only is the gene by genetic problems, the careful hair care also impact negatively on the rate of hair growth.
– Provide adequate nutrition for hair. Hair is composed of multiple minerals called keratin. If your diet lacks minerals, easily weaken your hair brittle and fall over a lot. Additional keratin is also helping you to quickly add strength to the hair. Keratin is found in foods such as cheese, eggs, meat, fish …
– When shampooing, massage your scalp can help your blood circulation and stimulate hair growth strong.

3. Hair Care

Problem: Your hair looks weak, not strong.
Solution: The key culprit in causing your hair to become such is not the right way to brush hair and often high temperature drying. Ideally, you should change the hair-raising.
– Use for everyday 1800W dryer instead of a dedicated 3700W dryer. At first, the dedicated drying machine will make the hair cuticle and makes hair swept down smoother. However, over time, to help hair maintain this status, you need to make continuous drying and easy to dry hair fiber. When using tools such as bending, pressing, better wetting them (provided you get is heat resistant quality department) to ensure they will not burn your hair. Tips the expert let you try the machine using HSI PROFESSIONAL
Straighten, flip and curl your hair
Adjustable temperature from 240F to 410F (120C – 200C) to suit all hair types
Ceramic / tourmaline ion plates create a shinier, silkier finish in lesser time
1 inch plate width, wide enough for any hair length and hair types, yet narrow enough for bangs
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– You know, the more healthy your hair, the hair cells in the graft will become smoother and help reflect light better make your hair become more shiny. To help this process go faster and durable, you can use an oil shine.

4. Secret to beautiful hair from root to roof

If you do not have time to take care of hair, the experts recommend the use of a pill or supplement nutrients as well as protect your hair from the effects of the environment. As phamViviscal products, it has the characteristics of treatment and renewable damaged hair, and helps to restore the structure of hair, replenishes Protein helps hair healthy and shiny after use. Hair restoration products using the most advanced protein technologies, renewable and recovered hair with protein mixture from outer to inner hair core. Especially suitable for hair damaged by chemicals and heavy damage. At the core renewable hair, nourish and restore damaged hair fast

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