Hair Care

The Truth About Going Shampoo-less

As I was scanning through the hair care forum this week, I found an interesting question by a MUT member: how can you go shampoo-less? I’ve heard mixed rumors about shampoo – some people say that shampooing too often can damage your hair, while others contend this isn’t true. What’s the truth about shampoo? What important things should you know before trying to go shampoo-less?


What can shampoo do to my hair?

Despite the myths, washing your hair daily with shampoo isn’t necessarily bad for you. According to experts, it really depends on what type of hair you have and what ingredients make up your shampoo. Shampooing daily does strip the hair of natural oils that are needed to keep the follicles lubricated, so if you have dry hair, you could benefit from cutting back. However, those of us with more oily hair may find that skipping on the shampoo will let the oil residue build up, producing a greasy sheen that’s typically frowned upon. No matter what hair type you have, it’s still important that you cleanse the scalp semi-regularly to keep everything healthy and hygienic.


How long can I go without shampoo?

Generally, then, it’s not a good idea to cut out the shampoo for good. However, if you feel like you have too much product build-up and clarifying shampoo isn’t helping, you might benefit from toning down. Test out different intervals between shampooing to find out what works best with your hair. If you have dry hair, you can probably go with at least three days without shampooing. If you’ve got more oily hair, try skipping only one day at a time until your hair becomes used to the decrease in cleansing.


What if I’m still worried about the chemicals in shampoo?

If the reason you want to go shampoo-less is because of the chemicals some brands use, consider making your own shampoo! There are lots of neat recipes for hair treatments floating around the site. Or, you can try this natural shampoo recipe: Mix 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 liquid castille soap, and 1/2 teaspoon of oil, whether it’s olive oil or an essential oil. Pour it into a bottle, and you’re ready to go. Remember that all hair types are different, so if a recipe doesn’t work well for you, find a new one. Experiment!



Do you go shampoo-less? Why? Personally, although I never like the idea of putting strange chemicals on my skin, I’m usually too busy to ever make my own shampoo, and my hair gets very greasy if I skip even a day. If you do go shampoo-less, what made you decide to do so?¬† I’d love to hear your success stories (or humorous¬† failures) in the comments.