The Ultimate Bridal Make-up Plan

So the date is set, the venue is booked, the invitations are out and yes the man is decided!!


Your wedding is almost here dear bride-to- be… and are you prepared for it?  That hint of uncertainty, that pause..hmmm we understand. No other occasion in your life will allow you to be the undisputed queen of the day except your own wedding. Regal, glamorous, stunning and much more will be you. You will be the sparkle and you will be the sunshine. All eyes will be on you princess. Then how can you look anything but the best?


Hair, face, dress, body; to shine on your special day, you will have to ensure all of them is perfect. Looking flawless on your D-day is the absolute priority for the bride and we are only here to help and answer oft asked questions by brides.



You have been planning every single detail to the T for your big day. How many arguments have you had with the florist, how many times have you changed your decision about who will be your bridesmaid, the best friend or the sister and how many times have you wanted to do a Julia Roberts take (yes we all know about the Runaway bride syndrome)? Can you imagine the stress, the vulnerabilities and the misses that you are bound to make and how they will affect your face, hair and body before and on your D-day?



Bridal make-up is really the making up and covering of all those zits, the inevitable, sudden weight, hair loss and that one silly eyebrow hair that can give you disastrous photographs.


Hiring a reliable and professional make-up artist is a brilliant idea but if you insist on DIY, have a thorough and elaborate check and testing of products you intend to use. Always compare products, experiment with them and show the outcome to alteast three people before finalizing them. Remember the photographs will be forever and will be shown to everyone and you don’t want to cringe looking at them later.



As little girls, we always dream to have a fairy-tale wedding, with us in that big ball-gown and our dapper prince charming in a tuxedo. But as we grow up, our idea of an ideal wedding might also change. And matching your make-up and outfit with the changed idea, that is the theme of your wedding becomes equally important.


If Vintage is your theme, big tier cakes, white bridal bouquets, lots of dark wood and elegant chandeliers will definitely be the setting but what about your look?  A vintage dress will have lots and lots of lace overlay in golds, pristine whites and ivory while the make-up would be an elegant top knot with delicate curls framing the face, soft- hued lips, well defined cheekbones.


Similarly if you are having a Hollywood inspired wedding, the color palette of your venue will be all glam, ombre flowers, bedecked walls, famous marriage lines from romantic movies, so on and so forth. How do u get the bridal look right? Go bold, sexy and utterly Hollywood in a strapless, mermaid gown, wavy hair and a glamorous veil. Keep the make- up classy and dreamy. Red lips with golden hues look beautiful, light fuchsia lips with peach and pink blushes are effortlessly chic and beautiful, think Kimberly Williams-Paisley in Father of the Bride, Roberts in Runaway Bride or Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s wedding. 



The right make-up and right dress is oh-so-important to not only align you with your theme and décor but also to what your groom is wearing.  Do your research to pick the most perfect wedding dress and make-up.  My best friend recently got married in a boho-themed wedding, and she made me go to a million shops before finally settling on a gorgeous, A-line, halter wedding dress at A trained make-up artist, she played up her eyes in the boho-bride look with MAC lucky green eye-shadow and had the most flawless complexion with the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and bronzing powder.



While on a regular basis you might be a make-up pro and even look absolutely charming in all your photos, bridal photography is a different story.  You never know what angle the photographer will catch you from and how flattering or unflattering you will look from there. So leave it to the experts who take care of every little detail and give you that virginal yet sensual bridal glow that makes you look absolutely fabulous, from whichever angle you get clicked.


The make-up should capture the light of the lens in a way that 

makes you look luminous and yet sharp. Sheer foundations, moisturizing blushes and lipsticks in pinks, browns and peaches are great bridal choices of makeup. Similarly very few look good with dark red lips in photos as all the other features get dimmed, but a bride who wants to look siren-esque and glamorous would obviously want red. Leave it to the experts then to ensure which brands and products will perfectly accentuate your features, let you have your desired look and give you wedding photographs where you look divine and will cherish forever.



It’s the wedding day and you don’t know where that ugly zit popped up from!! It’s probably all those jitters and stress. But damage control ain’t at all unreachable. Take some ice or mint-toothpaste on the zit, there will be initial redness of the skin, but it will go and the ice will also settle the inflammation, making it easier to apply the magical product called concealer that will give the smooth edge to your skin.



Always keep a body-shaper close.  Yes you have followed a strict diet regime and your arms and tummy has lost oodles of inches, yet the dress zip refuses to go up. Wear a corset or body shaper that takes off inches immediately from your body and also gives you a more-hourglass like figure!! Are you still thinking about discomfort?


Puffy eyes are a common wedding day complaint. Refrigerate two spoons for some time and then place them squarely on the eye-lids. Ha! Magic, the puffiness will vanish, if it still doesn’t apply some cucumber slices and use a white liner below the lower lashes and a concealer and compact application, which is two shades lighter than the original skin tone. Black kohl is also a good idea to make the eyes look bigger.


Finally to truly dazzle in your special day, ensure you are happy and completely confident about the way you are going to look. For this have trial make-up and photography sessions prior to the wedding. Don’t attempt looks influenced by others but go for what you have always wanted for yourself. Most importantly, be yourself on this special day to be stunningly beautiful. The family, the friends, your groom wants to see only you. You are the bride, you are the Queen of the day.


Alec Gaines