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May 19, 2005
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I like to sign my boyfriend up for some of the freebies, so that he gets some surprises in the mail. I get so much stuff I think he feels left out!

Free Spiegal catalog http://www.spiegel.com/request/ with code F8451

Free lip balm http://www.lipshinin.com/ send an email to suzannehoggan @ lipshinin.com

Royal hair Care Products styling gel http://www.caot.lasc.edu/CAOT-112/pe...J_sendinfo.asp

Free samples of Nivea for Men http://www.niveapromo.com/espn2005/

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs for first 1000 http://www.sallyhansen.com/airbrush_legs_sample.cfm

I think I posted this one before Natural Formula body care samples http://www.naturalformula.com/trials.cfm

Kerasal foot lotion http://www.kerasal.com/promo/Kerasal...le/default.htm

Loreal Men’s Expert Stop Lines Anti-Lines Moisturizer http://mensexpert.cardmine.net/

Mont Source shave samples https://www.montsource.com/info/subscribe.asp

Dove Hair Care http://www.startsampling.com/sm/6305...ce=stylingtool

SilkSkin samples http://silkskin.com/form.html

Caress body care http://www.seduceyoursenses.com/flas...er/default.asp

Degree Deodorant http://www.degreedeodorant.com/women_register.asp

OB Tampons http://www.obtampons.com/request_form.jsp?info_source=

Tampax http://www.samples.aohosting.net/cam...pax_pearl_home

Playtex http://www.playtexbeyond.com/

Head and Shoulders https://hnsussensitivecare.offerproc...com/Offer.aspx

Act mouthwash http://www.actfluoride.com/act/offers.html

Aug 4, 2005
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Originally Posted by suzukigrrl I got my free lip balm today! Free lip balm http://www.lipshinin.com/ send an email to suzannehoggan @ lipshinin.com I got my free balm too! They came in less than a week. And they smell amazing!!

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