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Apr 13, 2012
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I've used Murad as well. Also can recommend Paula's Choice 2% beta hydroxy acid liquid and toothpaste - basically anything that dries up the oil in the skin. Also a demattifying moisturiser like L'oreal make. Aged 64 and still trying to find the answer. From my experiance all the products just hold blocked/enlarged pores at bay - nothing cures them - well I've noticed catching a cold or getting drunk does dry up ones skin! Diet makes no difference. Sun can help.

My problem now is I have wrinkles and laughter lines as well and the products for treating those cause the skin to swell up and also the pores. Can't win.

No cosmetic firm so far caters for wrinkles and blocked pores I think.

Don't scrub too hard. Don't waste your money on expensive exfoliating equipment - a battery powered tooth brush does the same.

I don't have the money for salon beauty treatments. Nothing sold by cosmetic firms will really work - if it could penetrate the skin enough it would have to be licenced as a medicine. Same with all the so called natural remedies. Why does tea tree oil smell so horrible.

So my answer is - use products that dry up the skin. If squeezing blackheads don't press too hard- if they don't pop out with gentle pressure they ain't ready. Use some sort of mattifying moisturiser. Get out of doors and enjoy life.


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